Atheism Increasing in the U.K.

Among the British, a survey found atheism increasing to the point that half claim “no religion.”

It we define atheism as a lack of belief in a god, we have to say that a recent survey reveals atheism increasing in Britain to the point that it holds half the population. Some of these people probably don’t consider themselves atheists, but the practical effect will probably be the same.

What will be the long term cultural consequences of this shift in thinking?

BBC reports, “More than half in UK are non-religious, suggests survey.

For the first time, more than half of people in the UK do not identify as religious, a survey suggests.

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Last year 53% of people described themselves as having “no religion”, in a survey of 2,942 adults by the National Centre for Social Research.

Among those aged between 18 and 25, the proportion was higher at 71%.

The Bishop of Liverpool said God and the Church “remains relevant” and that saying “no religion was not the same as considered atheism”.

The figures, shown to BBC Radio 5 live, reveal a downward trend for religious belief in the UK.

When the national centre’s British Social Attitudes survey began in 1983, 31% of respondents said they had no religion.

A random sample of adults were involved in the latest survey and they were asked whether they regarded themselves as belonging to a particular religion.

Almost two in three 25- to 34-year olds said they were non-religious, while 75% of people aged 75 and over said they were religious.

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