At Least 60 Dems Refusing to Attend Inauguration…Guess What? We Don’t Care!

The Mainstream Media are making a big deal over how many Democrats aren’t showing up for Trump’s Inauguration. I’ve seen where it’s now up to at least 60 House Democrats. The list will grow as more Democrats will be cajoled into not attending.

They think we care. We don’t. In fact, I’m cheering!

We don’t care what they think. We don’t care what they say. The only thing we care about is Hillary Clinton lost and Obama will no longer be President of the United States in the next few days. That is something to celebrate. Obama will be lost without his power and teleprompter, and that’s what worries the liberal media sycophants.

The media also care about there no longer being an Obama to fawn, droll, and cry over. He’ll be out of power and the Democrat Party has been decimated. That’s what really bothers them. Dr. Gary North explains:

“Trump won. That really is the bottom line. The mainstream media are liberal, and liberals honor only one thing: political power. All the rest of it is window dressing. This has been true ever since the French Revolution. Power is the only currency that has any value in the world of political liberalism. The mainstream media know it. The mainstream media also know that the public really doesn’t pay any attention to them anymore. They can scream, yell, roll on the floor, and hold their breath until they turn blue; nobody in Trump’s camp really cares what they do.

“They scream from the sidelines in outraged impotence. They have not given Trump any consideration at all. Yet Trump is obviously popular with his base. The people who voted for him pay no attention to the mainstream media.

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The mainstream media are visibly losers. They are losing market share. The newspapers are shrinking both physically (to save newsprint) and in circulation. In a decade, most of them will be gone. The cable TV networks are truly tiny affairs. CNN, MSNBC, CNBC: they only have a few hundred thousand viewers each. FOX News is overwhelmingly popular compared to these outfits.

“The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times are no longer the sources of most people’s news. I think they know this, but they simply cannot get over it. This fact enrages them. They are having a nonstop temper tantrum: 24×7. None of it is having any effect on Trump.”

Every Democrat who does not show up for the Inauguration will be considered a non-entity. It will be an admission on their part that they are losers and their party is a loser.

The power balance may change in the future since Republicans are idiots, but right now the Democrats are down and it’s time to kick them just a little bit.

And by the way, with the Democrats staying home and crying in their beer (or whatever they drink), there will be more places at the Inauguration for the people who elected Donald Trump.

Good riddance to bad rubbish and a pack of leftist lies and a “scandal-free” Obama administration:

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