At AIPAC Hillary Gets Honest – Tells Jews She Won’t be Neutral (Because she’s Always Been Anti-Israel)


From Jeff Dunetz at Lidblog:

Hillary certainly threw some flowery words of friendship during her Speech at AIPAC today, if one ignored the truth she may have even seemed pro-Israel.  But the truth is the “red meat” she tossed out at the AIPAC conference, wasn’t Kosher it was nothing but rancid lies.  In fact out of the three major candidates left in the race, Clinton, Trump, and Cruz; Hillary Clinton is the only one that can be described as anti-Israel.

Hillary Clinton took a swing at Republican front-runner Donald Trump Monday by saying she wouldn’t insist on being “neutral” in an Israeli-Palestinian negotiation, as he has. “America can’t ever be neutral,” Clinton said at the AIPAC meeting.  And it’s true, Hillary has never been neutral, She’s always been anti-Israel.

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If one looks at Hillary Clinton’s public history one finds a lifetime of anti-Israel positions. But wait some might say, Hillary was a big supporter of Israel when she was in the U.S. Senate. Indeed, she was. With the possible exception of the time from her first campaign New York’s Senate seat in 2000 to her resignation from the Senate to become Secretary of State in January 2009– except for the time she needed New York’s Jewish voting bloc, Hillary Clinton has never been pro-Israel.   Some might even claim that she is also anti-Semitic.

Even before her marriage to Bill, Hillary Clinton was anti-Israel and promoting the forces of terrorism…


Read the Rest of this Important Piece Detailing Hillary Clinton’s anti-Semitism at Lidblog.

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