As Liberals Attack Free Speech Conference in Texas – Jon Stewart Reminds Them who the Real bad Guy Is


I continue to be amazed at the level of navel gazing that happens within liberal circles. The things that modern American liberals worry over and hand-wring about is simply flabbergasting to me. Instead of being concerned with the thousands of people being slaughtered by radical Muslims EVERY DAY, or with the human rights abuses in nations that we daily do business with (like China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc), they worry about a free speech rally in Texas (which gets attacked by Muslim crazies) offending Muslims!

Sadly, after the attempted attack on the conference in Garland, liberals have begun to wonder if all this free speech stuff is really okay. Much as they did in the wake of the attack in Paris on Charlie Hebdo, liberals have begun offering apologies to Islam for the rude behavior of the Islamophobic westerners.

Little do they realize the irony of their behavior.

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The attack on the free speech rally in Texas should serve as PROOF that the organizers of the event (Pamela Geller, in particular) are RIGHT about Islam. Instead, liberals continue to act as if each of these disgusting attacks on innocent people whose only crime is believing differently from Islam is actually the fault of the victim. It’s exactly as though liberals have all of a sudden decided to blame the rape victim for being raped.

It’s into this liberal insanity that Jon Stewart steps with a few clear and rational thoughts. I hope that liberals across America are paying attention to what he says here….



And let me leave you with some wise words from Pamela Geller.

If I offended peaceful Muslims, that is the price you pay for living in a pluralistic, free, open society. Inoffensive speech needs no protection. Offensive speech needs protection… This is AMERICA.” 

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