Arnold Schwarzenegger Dreams an Impossible Dream: Liberal Republicans

Arnold Schwarzenegger dreams of Republicans becoming centrist and winning control over California.

While they say Arnold Schwarzenegger dreams of a centrist GOP winning California, Donald Trump has already made it centrist. Schwarzenegger wants a liberal GOP, not a centrist one.

Even if Schwarzenegger got his way in California, the Republicans could never win a national election if they sided with that state and abandoned conservative voters in the rest of the country.

The Associate Press reports, “In the age of Trump, Schwarzenegger wants centrist GOP.

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Democrats have monopolized California government, with the party holding every statewide office and dominating both chambers of the Legislature. Bush was the last Republican to win a presidential contest in the state. President Donald Trump lost California by over 4 million votes to Hillary Clinton.

Can the party that now accounts for just 1-in-4 state voters make a comeback? And if so, how?

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will take up that question again Wednesday at an event in Los Angeles organized by New Way California, a political committee eager to reshape the state GOP.

Schwarzenegger will be joined by another Republican centrist, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, […]

While a registered Republican, Schwarzenegger is known for his varied political stripes. As far back as 2007, in his second term as governor, he warned that the GOP was “dying at the box office” and needed to claim issues usually associated with the Democratic agenda, such as climate change and health care reform.

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