Are we Living in an Atheist Theocracy?

Guest Post by Mohamed Hamada
In God we trust

In the dim light of the dawn of its history, we can see the pilgrims stepping on its land for the first time with, at least, a celebratory smile of relief. They were looking for their freedom and they finally got it.  As the sun of the American history kept rising, the light of freedom would show more and more evidence and signs of what America was born to be, the land of the free. 

Any signs of oppression that forced itself in, were fought and defeated by the freemen of America, generation after generation.  It’s no wonder the United States was born-  its birth certificate a declaration of freedom for both the states and those who live in them.

Now for those who are trying to kill every sign of faith in the country – freedom is an inalienable right created by God. However, that’s the beauty of this country – if you don’t believe that, you are free to disagree.  You are free to your own “nonbelief.”

However, the people who wrote the documents of freedom, be it The Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, were believers.  The majority of the country are believers.   Even if you disagree with the belief of God, can you at least count religion and God as part of the American history, traditions, and customs that are passed from generation to generation?

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It’s ironic.  Many would fight to preserve the heritage of Art and Literature.  They would fight against censorship to preserve those things they cherish, but are silent when the cherished beliefs of others, like religious freedoms are attacked.

Many would strip the rights of the individuals, to live their religion in the land of the free.  Many would strip the rights of the majority in each state to decide its own laws.  A panel of nine, The Supreme Court, has violated the Constitution and our freedoms, over and over.

People fear a theocracy, but are we living in an Atheist Theocracy? Some claim that any public acknowledgment of a creator – God – is somehow forcing them to believe and submit to religion.  They want all mention of God scrubbed from our history, whether it’s the Pledge of Allegiance, our currency, crosses adorning veterans’ tombs… Faith is under constant attack.

From the mention of freedom and God in the Constitution, I can see a hint that freedom exists, and that God is there.

Since the majority of the Americans are Christians, I believe that freedom in America should be moderated by the Christian values. How? Let us start with very simple examples. Please leave the atrocities committed by the church in the Middle Ages in the past-  they are something to learn from.  I am addressing Christianity today.  

For example, freedom allows anyone to lie, be rude, or even verbally abusive, but does that mean we should?  Christianity helps moderate that. Now, some people say, “common sense could do that.”  However, common sense is relative.  Sadly, we can look around and find hundreds of stories to show this.  People make unnecessary mistakes every day from a lack of common sense. Our prisons are full, so clearly this argument isn’t valid.

This is not to say that people of faith are perfect, and always have common sense.  We are all sinners.  It is because of faith and the desire to be better and live in God’s word that keeps us trying to improve every day.


hamadaMohamed Hamada is a writer, and an Instructor of Physics at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky. He was born in Egypt and is self-educated in politics. He started writing about politics and other subjects at a very young age. Now, as a conservative American, he was moved by the current situation in the American political life. His first piece The Trump Revolution is a little more than 6,000 words. It is a short book to be read by anyone, and will touch the hearts of a wide segment of voters.

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