Are We Even Watching the Same Channel?

This morning i scrolled through Facebook, like I usually do. There were memes, inspirational quotes, cute puppy videos, baby photos, and of course political posts.

I generally “like” a status update about politics when they are one of the following:

  1. Pro-America
  2. America first
  3. Pro-Trump
  4. Pro-2A
  5. Pro-life
  6. Pro-freedom
  7. Pro-small government

I generally try to scroll past the ones that are either bait for argument or outright bashing the president. Sometimes, it’s not so easy though.

It truly baffles me when people, especially the so-called “Conservatives” who talk about how “terrible” Trump is completely bash him.

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For example, one I came across today said, “Every time Trump speaks I cringe a little more. How are people still die hard supporters? Like honestly I’m at my wit’s end. This is insane. This has nothing to do with labels liberals slap on him. Just a basic fundamental level of competency?”

I find this so strange. Do they honestly not watch the same press conferences that we do? Do they not understand the perversion when the media attempts to twist his words and paint him in a bad light?

Then there are the ones who call him names and claim that he is an idiot. I don’t understand this either. Sure, you can make fun of his looks and take personal jabs but his looks have nothing to do with his ability to run the country. The man owned multimillion dollar businesses and runs them successfully. That can’t be done by an idiot.

Donald Trump truly has a heart for America and for the people. What other person in their right mind would take the job as the leader of our country without pay? He donates his entire presidential paycheck back to the community.

Where exactly does he qualify to be such a horrible person? Turn off CNN people, and go out in the real world! It’s much better than the mainstream media would have you think!

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