Are Leftists Turning Against Google?

Maybe Leftists turning against Google isn’t a hopeful sign if they are turning to a big government savior.

There are reports of Leftists turning against Google. As much as Conservatives may want to see this happen, I doubt it will be something that leads to anything good. Leftists seem to want the government monopoly to regulate and control the Google (or Facebook, etc) monopoly. But when has increasing government control ever led to more freedom in the long term?

I’m even suspicious enough to worry that this whole story of Leftists turning against Google is itself being arranged and manipulated by Google. The more these Silicon Valley control freaks alienate conservatives and libertarians we are going to see alternative websites spring up. Getting the web regulated by government bureaucrats may be a way of preventing competition.

Mashable reports, “Criticizing Google may have cost these scholars their jobs, but they’re only getting started.

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You have to be a little flattered when a company as powerful as Google feels the need to go after you.

“I think of it as a great compliment,” said Matthew Stoller, a fellow with Citizens Against Monopoly, a newly launched nonprofit organization. “What Google did is a reflection of their intellectual beliefs and their strength. You don’t suppress information if you’re winning the debate.”

Citizens Against Monopoly is new because Stoller and a group of his colleagues were recently fired from their old jobs at New America, a left-leaning think tank that had been home to the Open Markets program led by prominent academic Barry Lynn.

The New York Times reported that the move came after Eric Schmidt, Alphabet’s executive chairman, expressed displeasure with some of Lynn’s recent work. Alphabet, which owns Google, is a major funder of New America. The search giant had complained about Lynn multiple times, and in emails reported by the Times, his boss warned him that he was endangering the group’s relationship with the company.

Google and New America both denied that the company played a part in the decision to cut Lynn’s team, though the statement from the latter didn’t include any details that conflicted with the Times story.

Read the entire Mashable story.

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