Are Authorities Being Honest in Saying Vegas Murderess Did Not Commit an Act of Islamic Jihad?


“Paris, as you may recall, was the scene of the largest Islamic terror attack in its nation’s history, and the biggest attack since Hitler rode tanks in during WWII.  Out of all the places in Las Vegas where she could have done this, doing it out front of the Paris section was perhaps Lakeisha N. Holloway’s way of sending us a message.”  —Geoffrey Grider, commenting on the Las Vegas attack by Paris Paradise Morton

“Today I’m not the same scared girl I used to be.  I’m a mature young woman.”  —Paris Paradise Morton, according to ABC News


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What Happened

A black woman, with her three-year-old toddler in the back seat, killed one pedestrian, Jessica Valenzuela of Buckeye, Arizona, and injured 37 others with her automobile, on the night of Sunday, December 20th, 2015, before she gave herself up to police, according to NBC News.  The name of the murderess who cold-bloodedly mowed down close to 40 innocent people was Lakeisha Holloway, before she changed her name to Paris Paradise Morton.  (Read more here and here).



It is interesting to note that Paradise is a Muslim name—an English rendering of the Arabic Junnut or Jena.  It has been reported by witnesses that Lakeisha/Paradise was shouting “Allahu akbar!” as she plowed into people on the Vegas Strip.  The Twitterverse lit up with such reports right after the attack occurred, although the mainstream media have labeled such reports as not being credible in nature.


“Allahu Akbar!”

lakeisha-hollowayNatural News reported on the possible Muslim connection and pointed out how the Leftist Media have blacked out any specifics that would have been widely reported, had the driver been a white racist: “But because the driver reportedly screamed ‘Allah Akbar’ and also happens to look African-American, she apparently gets a total free pass by the entire leftist media.”  (Learn more here.)  The police officer who spoke with Paradise after the vehicular attack said he was “not comfortable” sharing the reason Paradise gave him for attacking the people on the Strip.  This begs the question: Did she say “Allahu akbar” to him in order to explain herself?  Was she following the recommendations of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State to hit Las Vegas, as Fox News has been warning about for over a year?  (Read the Fox article from August of 2014 here.)


What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Geoffrey Grider’s report on this makes the claim that “[t]his was an act of Islamic Terrorism, perpetrated by an Islamic woman driving a car with a three year old child inside. . . .  Police, however, have been instructed . . . to NOT use the word ‘terrorism’ . . . because Las Vegas does not want tourists to be frightened away from the city.”  (Read Grider’s report here.)  So, Vegas wants to keep its Muslim problem out of the media as much as possible.  In other words, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


Rejecting Paris Paradise Morton, in Favor of Lakeisha N. Holloway

Metro Deputy Chief Brett Zimmerman and Metro Lt. Dan McGrath briefed the press about a crash, on the evening of Sunday, Dec. 20, 2015.  Lakeisha/Paradise apparently drove her 1996 Oldsmobile four-door sedan through the sidewalk, accelerating as bodies flew in all directions.

Inexplicably, the authorities in Las Vegas seem bent on charging Paris Paradise Morton by her old name of Lakeisha N. Holloway.  Are they doing this because Lakeisha is not a Muslim name, whereas Paradise is?  This is a good question, knowing how the government has recently been misleading the public, by claiming that Islam is a “religion of peace,” instead of telling the truth about its being a doctrine of genocide.

And what about the fact that the defendant is being represented by Joseph Abood?  (Read more about this here.)  Abood is a common Muslim name.  Is Joseph Abood a Muslim?  Why is there seemingly a news blackout on reports concerning him?  And, if Abood is indeed a Muslim, then why does Morton/Holloway seek Muslim representation?


A False Narrative?

LaShay Hardaway, the cousin of Paris Paradise Morton, has written on her Facebook page that Paradise was not actually homeless, but was in the process of considering a move from Oregon to Las Vegas, Nevada.  So, why are the authorities insisting on putting forward the dishonest narrative that this woman was homeless?  Are they trying to construct a false narrative that Paris Paradise Morton was distressed by homelessness, rather than serving the genocidal doctrine of Muhammadanism?


A Few Words about Researching This Story

It has become obvious during the researching of this story that the Internet is becoming increasingly a rigged game when it comes to researching Islam-related topics, among others.  Whether one uses Bing or Google or Yahoo—or whatever search engine suits one’s fancy—the Leftist sites all hold privileged positions on the first five to ten pages of search results.  This means that the Leftist stories on any potentially political search come up for one’s consideration first.  Often, a conservative or independent site cannot be easily found unless the exact title of an article is known or guessed.  And, even then, one might get a warning that the site being requested is unsafe to visit, and one will have to take the extra step of pushing past the red-flag page by clicking an extra link to the web site requested.  This is all the result of having a Leftist government in power that does not respect the philosophy of pluralism and the Golden Rule; although the Left claims to embrace multiculturalism, it would seem that conservative or libertarian values are not welcome in its multicultural rainbow.

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