Appointed Officials Pass Net Neutrality, After Google Tweaks It

Proponents of excessive government regulation are celebrating last week’s landmark decision on net neutrality, which passed 3-2 along party lines with three Democrats in favor of, and two Republicans against. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has worked on the issue for quite some time, but in November, the White House released a statement from President Obama asking them to adopt his policies. Here is the last paragraph of the President’s statement:

The Internet has been one of the greatest gifts our economy — and our society — has ever known.  The FCC was chartered to promote competition, innovation, and investment in our networks.  In service of that mission, there is no higher calling than protecting an open, accessible, and free Internet.  I thank the Commissioners for having served this cause with distinction and integrity, and I respectfully ask them to adopt the policies I have outlined here, to preserve this technology’s promise for today, and future generations to come.

Even though Tom Wheeler proposed the new law, it was handed down him by the President himself. The Internet has done just fine without President Obama or the FCC. According to Tom Wheeler the issue is all about protecting the open Internet. But the real problem here is that there was no problem in the first place. Problems were imagined, packaged and sold to the public in a brief summary, then the government devised a scheme to fix the imagined problem so they could get there greedy hands in control of the Internet. The new law gives authority to the FCC to regulate the Internet like a telecommunications service, rather than an information service, which will impose strict regulations.

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, who opposed the law, previously asked for the 332 page document to be available to the public at least 30 days prior to the vote.   Tom Wheeler wanted to ram it through before freedom loving Americans could get their hands on it. If that is not bad enough, it may not be the only reason, as you will see later in this article.

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InternetWhile public input was stifled through secrecy Google was able to push for revisions. After the revision the proposal went from 332 pages to 317. So just to be clear, public input was not wanted, but Google had enough clout to push for changes. This typifies the marriage between bureaucrats and big business and how it runs roughshod over the wishes and best interests of Americans.

Tom Wheeler would not even testify before Congress before passing the bill. Wait a minute! We never elected Tom Wheeler, he was appointed by President Obama. He is on our payroll, but we did not ask for his representation. Nor did we elect Google to make important decisions for us regarding our first amendment rights. These people stand for anything but freedom. This is the epitome of a power grab.

This is exactly what happens when the people let their government rule over them, but in the United States the government is supposed to be working for us and doing what the people say! That is what made America great. We have been slaves to our government for some time, but this seals the fate for freedoms last stand. The only way to end the human slavery of Marxism, Socialism and Communism is to ask God to intercede.

The list of certain and possible negative consequences of the new law is long. No sooner are freedom loving Americans reeling in this latest assault on free speech, then the plot is about to thicken.

This week Tom Wheeler will join telecom and tech leaders in Barcelona for a Mobile World Congress trade show where he will be the keynote speaker, and of course, regulation is going to be the hot topic. What timing for the FCC’s vote of approval on net neutrality!

This new law was a done deal before it was even voted on. The only recourse is to file expensive, time consuming lawsuits while the FCC tramples on the Constitution, and Tom Wheeler sells our soul to the Mobile World Congress. This is not freedom. This is tyranny!

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