Apology Letter to Allen West

Allen West: I’m Sorry

Col. West, I apologize for the actions of my fellow students at St. Louis University. As a young conservative, your appearance on campus was a dream come true for me: but I couldn’t get in. The cupcake protestors on the inside took up all the seats, only to walk out in an extremely disrespectful manner. This is a sign of the evil that is taking over our country. Tomorrow the left-wing pundits and propagandists will brag about the “bravery” of the protestors to “stand up” to you. They do not understand what it means to serve in the military or what sacrifice even means. They complain about having to pay back student loan debt and ask the government for “free” university when they can earn it through the military, just like my friend Rafael, who is a Marine Corp. veteran. He fought for our country and waited years to go to school to become a biochemical engineer. These pansies that protested against you do not understand your career and how honorable you are. You are not a racist or Islamophobic. You are an American and proud to admit it.

Sir, this New America is one neither of us want. Your only crime was naming our enemy, Radical Islamic terrorism. The moment is a deep embarrassment to SLU and the university’s Christian heritage. Sadly, the far-left influence on the campus has infected very intelligent minds. Some of the protestors are classmates of mine; very intelligent people with more IQ points than sense. Not one of my professors is what I consider to be moderate, let alone conservative. As you witnessed, the infection has spread to far too many students in universities nationwide, even supposedly Christian institutions. To beat a dead horse, as you know, common sense is not so common anymore.

When I pressed the protestors for questions they refused to answer any questions, even when I offered to interview them off the record. This is yet another sign of not only self-entitlement, but of cowardice. I assure you, as symbolic as it may be I will do all I can to counter-protest against the administration at SLU in an effort to bring visibility to the heinousness of our new President, Fred Pestello, (who you can email and voice your opposition at [email protected] ) an anti-common sense person who supported the Ferguson thugs and has been pushing a “social justice” agenda, and by that I mean a censorship plan to root out and punish non-liberals for being intelligent enough to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around “safe spaces” that factually don’t exist.

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Sir, you are fighting for common sense, and have proven to me today that the fight is a long one that must continue until common sense comes out as the victor. My only wish right now is to thank you in person for your service and for your fight against stupidity and for common sense in this unrecognizable “New America.”

Once again sir, my deepest apologies for SLU’s failure to be sensible.


Young Publius

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