Even Anti-Trump Conservatives Agree, Comey is the Worst

But James Comey seems to be just such a man, because the release of his new bo and his interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC have brought out the best (or worst) in these pundits.

It takes a lot to get anti-Trump conservatives to forget about their Trump hate for a while and focus in on their disgust of anyone other than Donald Trump.

But James Comey seems to be just such a man, because the release of his new book and his interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC have brought out the best (or worst) in these pundits.

CNN’s token Republican, who also happens to be among the most anti-Trump pundits on their network, Anna Navarro, is torn about her distaste of Comey.

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Conservative author John Podhoretz understands what Navarro is feeling because he can’t seem to stomach Comey either.

“I do think that Democrats are being foolish if they take Comey in completely,” Podhoretz said during a panel on MSNBC.

Podhoretz explained that even without reading the book, and only watching the Stephanopoulos interview, Comey admitted to an alarming number of blunders during his last year or so as FBI Director.

“The Stephanopoulos interview, I haven’t read the book, but the Stephanopoulos interview shows a series of, I think, extraordinary blunders on Comey’s part, in Comey’s own telling, in which he self-aggrandizingly arrogated to himself the role of speaking to the American people about whether or not Hillary Clinton should or should not have been indicted. He should have indicted her or not have indicted her, if he wasn’t going to indict her, then he should have released a one sentence statement that said the issue was closed. By doing that, then he has another dark night of the soul around October 28th, and swings the election.”

Podhoretz concluded by plainly laying out the truth – James Comey is simply an arrogant and sanctimonious man who made many terrible decisions.

“I think to embrace the man whose behavior, I think, shamefully had a political effect that he no right to intervene in, I think it’s a bad play, I’m sorry, I just think he’s a bad actor and exposes himself as a bad actor.”

Megan McCain, another notable anti-Trumper, had to be the voice of reason (again) on the View. She jumped in to the usual Trump-hate-fest to do some truth-telling about Comey.

“The problem with James Comey is he can’t decide what he is. Is he this Boy Scout defending the FBI … or is he a media personality and a highly political animal?”

McCain then noted that Comey has spent an inordinate amount of time talking about the disgusting tabloid fodder from the “Trump Dossier,” even though most of the dossier remains unverified. She also pointed out that for someone who was supposed to be “nonpartisan,” Comey spent an awful long time thinking about politics.

“We’re trying to get to the bottom of what really happened here, if there is any criminal activity with Russia. He’s talking about every decision with Hillary Clinton being made because of politics. He talks about expecting her to win the election — candidates winning elections should make no difference in your decision as the head of the FBI whatsoever…

Comey clearly loves the media.And that’s fine if you want to do what we do. But it’s not if you are the head of the FBI.”

If even the anti-Trumpers are getting tired of Comey, then he and the media, have likely overplayed their hands.

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