Anti-Semite Liberal Not Welcome in Israel



De Blasio is friendly with Linda Sansour, executive director of the Arab-American Association of New York.  She has campaigned for de Blasio and has allowed the City Council to give her $164,050 in funding.


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Yet Linda is an anti-Semiite as de Blassio has always appeared to me to be one.  Sarsour has posted a Palestinian boy aiming a rock at an Israeli soldiers and labeled it, “the definition of courage.”


That de Blasio would be connected with such a junior terrorist-in-the-making should disqualify him from visiting Israel. He should not be using victims as advertisements for his progressiveness.


He has never been kind to Jews and always favored Arabs.  He was a fan of the Sandinistas and a Jewless Nicaraqua.


Only a Jew would support an anti-Semitic mayor in an effort to befriend power.  But what the heck is tough Israel doing allowing him to visit?


The people of Oregon didn’t want Obama to visit Umpqua College. Keep my people free of De Blasio. Let him go—far, far away.

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