Anti-Science Liberals Exposed

Conservatives take a lot of flack for some of our positions on the politics of “science.” But there are quite a few issues on which your average liberal voter can be called anti-science as well. For example, on abortion, many pro-choice liberals deny the scientific evidence that life begins at conception and that children in the womb are not much different from children outside the womb.

Another example of this “anti-science” behavior appears when discussing vaccinations.

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and the Daily Show recently took on the liberal war on vaccinations, and boy is it funny.

The folks at the Daily Show try to create some moral equivalence between global warming hysteria denial and vaccine denial… but they just aren’t the same thing.

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Many of us in the anti-global warming camp argue that any attempt to impact climate change on our part will be too costly and not effective. There are many, many issues at play when discussing all the various facets of climate change – not so with the vaccination debate. There is hard evidence and a history that can be pointed to when discussing vaccinations. When debating climate change, all of the evidence exists in imperfect models that have already proven quite fallible.

Anyway, I don’t want to overshadow this awesome moment of liberals beating up on liberals for being anti-science. It’s just too much fun.

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