Anti-Kavanaugh Leftist Activists Occupy Hart Senate Atrium… Amy Schumer Arrested

Amy Schumer was arrested while protesting Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination at the Hart Senate Office Building.

It’s just one circus after the other. As soon as they’re done with Brett Kavanaugh there will be a feeding frenzy on something else. The police are going to need a bigger paddy-wagon.

With as vulgar as Amy Schumer’s comedy how is it that she would be any kind of standard to protest for women’s rights. I guess the leftist Democrats don’t have a better list to pool from.

KOMO News:

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Comedian Amy Schumer was among those detained at the Hart Senate building on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C Thursday.

Schumer was caught on camera interacting with a police officer. The officer asked Schumer if she wanted to be arrested, to which she replied “yes.”

Demonstrators gathered in Hart to protest the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and support victims of sexual assault. More


Several hundred protesters, including a cousin of the top Democrat in the Senate, flooded the open-air lobby of the Hart Senate Office Building in opposition to the looming confirmation vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Shepard Smith reported that “quite a ruckus” ensued when protesters outside on the Capitol grounds moved inside to the public area of the building, one of three compounds where Senators have their Washington offices.

Smith pointed out that Amy Schumer, the first-cousin-once-removed of Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), was among those holding signs and yelling their opposition to Kavanaugh. More

Who believes these protestors are “grassroots?” I mean come on, who in the real world has time in the middle of the week to “occupy” a politicians office? That’s right they must be professional activists.

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