The Anti-Israel Conspiracy

A simple search through Google or YouTube and you’ll find many examples of bad behavior by Israeli soldiers, and generally this behavior is directed towards weaker groups of Palestinians (like women and children). The truth is much more complex than that – both sides have bad actors, both sides have members who’ve done wrong and acted improperly.

The difference is that both sides don’t seem to have a public relations firm working for them.

There is a concerted effort on both the left and right in America to denigrate Israel, an effort to lay all of the blame for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at Israel’s feet. It’s unfair and it’s disingenuous.

The people of Israel have been under assault for millennia, and in our modern times they’ve faced almost constant attack. The story of their conflict with the Palestinian people is almost never fully explored, and Israel is simply blamed for the pain between the two groups. Because that’s easier than actually thinking about what is happening…

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If you just trust the internet… you’d think Israel was completely at fault for all the problems of the world. Which is why you have to dig deeper.

The video below shows what Palestinian parents are teaching their children – be warned… it’s hard to watch.

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