‘Anti-Fascists’ Use Fascist Tactics to Crack Down on Trump Supporters

That word they keep using. I don’t think it means what they think it means.

They use the word ‘fascist’ as if it refers to anyone who disagrees with them. The so-called ‘anti-Fascist’ ctrl-left anarchist group Antifa clashed with other people who didn’t see eye to eye with them. They even clashed with Bernie Sanders supporters who didn’t even like Trump.

But they were still accosted, assaulted, and told that they were ‘Nazis.’ There’s another one of those words which meaning isn’t what they think it is. Here’s Heat St.:

The protests against Donald Trump this past weekend didn’t only involve violence between Antifa and members of the alt-right. In Berkeley, some Antifa members assaulted observers, according to commenters on Reddit who said they were at the scene.

Several threads have cropped up on Reddit to condemn the anarchists, one of which even called for Mayor Jesse Arreguin to resign for failing to handle the protests. They argued that the anarchists’ presence at the protests caused violence to spiral out of control.

On Reddit’s r/Berkeley community, one user who said he/she attended the protest described an assault and robbery of a bystander by masked Antifa members.

Around 3:00 pm, when the riots had moved up to shattuck, a bystander with a camera was assaulted by a group of Antifa. One of the women started screaming at him for recording the riot ‘without her consent.’ He was called a Nazi, a rapist and a Trump supporter. He told the woman he hated Trump, had voted for both Bernie and Jill Stein, but she wouldn’t stop calling him a Nazi.

Meanwhile, a masked guy snuck up behind him, grabbed everything in his pocket and ran off. The guy was like ‘oh gee, thanks you guys. I lost my f***ing house key and now I won’t be able to go home’” The girl was like ‘well some people don’t even have f***ing homes!!!’ (this made me cringe so hard).

Others in the thread weighed in with experiences of their own.

“Someone from the black bloc cracked a bottle over my homie’s head,” wrote user SleepyChino. “Full fledged Bernie and NoDAPL guy. Required 7 stitches. Cuz he was recording. S**t is ridiculous. He was even wearing a Palestinian scarf, and is Chicano.”

“These people literally think everyone disagreeing is a f***ing nazi and a rapist, and that it justifies physically assaulting them,” wrote continentalzs in response to a user who suggested that their behavior was simply a result of mob mentality. “I witnessed several people being accused of being rapists for not asking for the ‘consent’ of the people they were filming.”

Other attendees wrote about how they were tear-gassed with the M-80 canisters that the anarchists came equipped with.

So, this is part of the violence that Kellyanne Conway was asked about. She called on Democrat leaders to condemn it in the same way that Democrats called on Trump to condemn violence that was allegedly committed in his name.


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