Anti-Amnesty Republicans Stand Up to Defend Ted Cruz and Attack Marco Rubio

In the wake of the most recent GOP presidential debate in Las Vegas, the Rubio campaign (along with their allies in the media) have been attempting to paint Cruz as dishonest when it comes to his aversion to amnesty for illegal immigrants. In fact, allies of Rubio’s (Fox News in particular) have gone so far as to call Cruz a liar for saying that he has never supported amnesty.

The Cruz campaign has denied the Amnesty smear, but they’ve not had to say much because other anti-amnesty forces have quickly come to Cruz’s defense.

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT):

As you know, I’m friends with both of these guys, I have enormous respect for both of them, I serve on the Judiciary committee with Ted Cruz, the entire time, as we spent weeks working on the gang of eight immigration bill.

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I was there with him as we both drafted and presented amendments trying to make this really bad gang of eight amnesty bill not as bad.

At no time during that process, at no moment did Ted Cruz take any action that was tantamount to supporting Amnesty. He filed amendments designed to make the bill less bad.

That does not mean, ever meant, and will not ever mean that he was going to vote for that bill, he was just trying to make it less bad.

Insofar as anybody is trying to suggest that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio had the same position… that is absolutely false, 100% false.


Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL):

“In 2013 they spent a billion and a half dollars to promote this legislation, the political consultants, they had pollsters hired to spin the numbers, they had special interest groups, they met for months, the gang of eight, they were determined, it was a near on thing, it was a worse bill than the 2007 bill. It gave amnesty first… We voted more than once to build a fence, do we have a fence?”

“So it came before the Senate, and the gang of eight met every day, they also had been meeting for months with the special interests and activists, the la Raza group, the ACLU, and businesses who want more and more cheap labor.”

“They had a scheme — a plan to vote down every amendment no matter what the amendment was. They did it because they said they had acheived a delegate balance between enforcement, and they had the perfect bill… Every amendment was voted down by every Democrat and a number of Republicans. it was a tense.”

“It was that close to being passed… and I think I can say this with integrity. Without the vigorous opposition of Ted Cruz, this bill likely would have passed.”


Rush Limbaugh:

Marco Rubio was part of the Gang of Eight trying to secure amnesty and wishes he wasn’t. Ted Cruz never was and they’re trying to make it out like he was. And at the end of the day, when people go vote, people are going to remember of the two, it was Marco Rubio that was a member of the Gang of Eight and Ted Cruz that wasn’t. And that’s as complicated, or simple, as it’s going to end up being.


Representative Steve King (R-IA):

The border security, rule of law people voted with Ted Cruz. The pro-amnesty people voted with Marco Rubio and others, so that’s how I would characterize it, Chuck…

But at no point did Ted Cruz indicate that he was going to vote for this bill. I think what’s missing here, if Marco Rubio can assign a motive for Ted Cruz, then we also ought to look at the Gang of Eight bill and recognize that it is instantaneous amnesty, it’s retroactive amnesty, if you’ve been deported in the past, it invites people to come back to America. But also, Marco Rubio and the Gang of Eight did not address protective amnesty that is implicit in the bill. Which means that if you can get into America after that day, they don’t address that at all in in the Gang of Eight bill… 

And by the way, I’d ask people also, go read the eleven page document on immigration that Ted Cruz rolled out about two and a half weeks ago. I had some voice in that. That’s real clear, and I wish that Marco Rubio would read that document too.


It’s clear, folks. Just listen to the men who were fighting in the trenches against amnesty for illegal immigrants. They all say that Cruz was never for amnesty and was always with them fighting against illegal immigration and fighting against the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.

The Rubio campaign can continue trying to twist Senator Cruz’s words, but the truth is that Senator Rubio tried to pass amnesty through the Gang of Eight bill and Senator Cruz fought to stop amnesty. It’s just that simple.

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