Another Unhinged Leftist Threatens Republican Lawmakers [VIDEO]

The unhinged Leftist said he didn’t intend to harm the state representative whom he threatened to kill on Facebook, but then he lost it.

This unhinged Leftist was literally off his meds, or so he claimed, so this may be more of a case of mental illness rather than being radicalized by Democrats. But if the politics were reversed, as we know from the way the media smeared Sarah Palin for the shooting that wounded Gabby Giffords, the media would be filled with unhinged accusations against conservatives.

The Miami CBS station reports, “Online Threat Suspect Rattles Off Republican Names During Courtroom Outburst.

Steve St. Felix said he was sorry about his Facebook post and did not mean to harm Florida Rep. Jose Felix Diaz, but was fed up with the Republican party.

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Days earlier, the 34-year-old St. Felix allegedly posted a message on Facebook to Diaz saying, “I’ll kill your [expletive] and you better not show up to the next REC meeting.”

In court for a mental health evaluation on Thursday, St. Felix waved and smiled for the camera before unleashing an outburst.

“Marco Rubio! Nelson Diaz! Manny Diaz! Manny Diaz Junior! Carlos Gimenez,” he rattled off before being escorted out of the courtroom.

He even threatened a cameraman.

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