Another SJW Professor Cries: “All Republicans are Racist Scum”

I am starting to feel like DJ Khaled with all the college professors who continue to soil their diapers and cry about the nonsense”injustices” in the world:


Here’s yet, another one.

Clemson University Assistant Professor of Human-Centered Computing Bart Knijnenburg has come forward to ensure the world knows that ALL Republicans and anyone who supports Donald Trump is in fact “racist scum.”

He wrote on Facebook, “All trump supporters, nay, all Republicans, are racist scum.”

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Students aren’t quite as dumb as he is though as one replied,  “I’ve always looked up to you, as my 1st yr mentor but…it saddens me a bit to see this coming from you.”

Campus Reform reports:

“All republicans? Yes,” he confirmed in the comments section. “Your complacency made this happen. Pick a side: denounce your affiliation, or admit you’re a racist.”

Some individuals questioned the broad accusation, one of whom chided Knijnenburg that “We must be careful not to generalize as this is arguably the root cause of the extreme right’s existence,” adding, “I’ve always looked up to you, as my 1st yr mentor but also for passing on the idea to study abroad. But it saddens me a bit to see this coming from you.”

“You should come live in the south for a while. It’s exhausting,” Knijnenburg replied. “The republican ideology of ‘everyone is equal and nobody deserves a handout’ is naive at best, covertly racist at worst. I truly believe that turning a blind eye makes you complicit in what is happening now.”

Uh, sorry but no. We do not owe you ANYTHING! People in the south are hardworking and so we take pride in what we had. We are not here to simply give handouts to POS like this professor.

Additionally, Knijnenburg explicitly endorses violence in one post, stating, “I admire anyone who stands up against white supremacy. Violent or non-violent. This needs to stop, by any means necessary. #PunchNazis

How is this guy even still allowed to teach? How can one advocate violence against the leader of our country and not an eyelash is batted? I find this quite interesting considering if it were someone speaking that way about Obama and his supporters, there would be chaos.

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