Another Republican Puts Kavanaugh Confirmation in Doubt: Sen. Steve Daines May Not Vote

Los like the Republicans have another fool Senator loing to throw a monkey wrench into the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation.

Looks like the Republicans have another Senator looking to throw a monkey wrench into the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation vote as GOP Sen. Steve Daines of Montana is refusing to stay in D.C. long enough to register his yes vote and instead intends to fly back to Montana for his daughter’s wedding.

This is exactly why the Republican Party is called “the stupid party.” It is like herding cats trying to get Republicans to do right by their party and the voters who put them in power.

In many other situations, missing one vote may not b a big deal. But currently the Republican Party has the bare minimum number of Senators needed to confirm a Supreme Court judge and they ALL need to be on hand to vote yes. The party cannot afford even a single vote to go astray.

And yet Daines would rather be at a wedding, according to Fox News.

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The absence of the senator – expected to support the embattled nominee’s confirmation – throws a wrench into the works as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., aims to push through Kavanaugh’s nomination to the high court.

The decision means McConnell would need to obtain all of his available 50 Republican senators to vote for the judge. It would also push Vice President Mike Pence out of the mix, as 99 senators would be voting and Pence can only settle things in the event of a tie. Under the new precedent established during Nuclear Option II on Supreme Court nominees, the Senate simply needs a “majority” of those “voting.”

So McConnell would need the support of Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska and Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine — or two of the three and Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin. All four senators have not yet announced how they plan to vote.

Daines has already signaled that he is a “yes” vote of Judge Kavanaugh, but he’d have to actually be there for his “yes” to count!

Some may insist that family should always take precedence over a job. In most cases, that would be correct.

But being a U.S. Senator is not “just a job.” And in a case like this coming vote, he holds the fate of the nation in his hands.

Your job, Mr. Danes, is to the people of Montana and the country. If you and your daughter don’t understand that, you don’t deserve to hold that seat.

Give it to someone who understands what is at stake, here.

Of course, the truth is, if it were a slight Democrat majority needed to put another left-wing judge on the highest court in the land, the Democrat Party would be able to count on their elected officials to a person. Too bad the Republican Party can never count on its members.


Per Fox News’ Chard Pergram, Daines said he’ll make sure he is there to vote.. but he STILL insists on going to Montana for the wedding.

There is a precedent for this, Daines says. Harry Reid did it…

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