Another Record-Breaking Economic Indicator: Small Business Optimism

Small business optimism reached a high point in 2017!

In addition to job optimism there now is also evident of record-breaking small business optimism in 2017. Will it continue? It seems obvious that Donald Trump and other Republicans are hoping so. Indeed, they have staked the future of the Republican Party on it.

That’s how it should be. The Republican Party has always claimed to be the party of prosperity for everyone. After talking for eight years, they now have a chance to show it.

Business Insider reports, “‘The engine of the economy roared back to life’: US small business confidence hit a record-high in 2017.

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Small-business confidence hit a record high in 2017, according to the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses on Tuesday released its Small Business Optimism Index for, capping “an all-time record setter” of a year in 2017, according to the right-leaning lobbying group.

The optimism index came in at 104.9 in December.  According to the NFIB, the index’s average monthly level was 104.8 in 2017, the highest in the history of the the survey.

Juanita Duggan, the president and CEO of the NFIB, pinned the increase in optimism on policy changes from Washington under President Donald Trump.

“With a massive tax cut this year, accompanied by significant regulatory relief, we expect very strong growth, millions more jobs, and higher pay for Americans,” Duggan said in the release.

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