Another Reason to Vote for Cruz, Planned Parenthood Calls Him “the Biggest Threat we Face”!

If you needed another reason to support Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) candidacy for President then the folks at Planned Parenthood may have just give you one. On Wednesday, LifeNews reported that the abortion giant has not only been funneling money directly into the Clinton campaign but they’ve also begun raising money by attacking Senator Ted Cruz.

Planned Parenthood (PP) has begun sending emails to their supporters begging for money, so that Planned Parenthood can turn that money around to benefit Hillary Clinton. In the email, the Executive Vice President of PP Dawn Laguens writes that “Cruz could very well be the biggest threat we face.” Why? According to Laguens “unlike Trump and Kasich, who are more or less in line with the Republican Party’s already terrible positions on reproductive rights, Cruz takes things much, much further. And he has the fan base to prove it. About 50% of Trump’s and Kasich’s supporters think abortion should be illegal in all or most cases, but a whopping 73% of Cruz’s supporters want to ban abortion in all or most cases,”

Laguens continues by saying that Cruz “consistently says he will open an investigation into Planned Parenthood on his first day in office. But maybe that’s less surprising when you see some of the people who have endorsed him — people like Troy Newman, the notorious anti-abortion extremist.”

It’s an amazing honest commentary from the monsters who are leading the way in the greatest genocide our planet has ever seen. The one candidate that the baby murder industry fears the most is [score]Ted Cruz[/score] and that fact alone should make him among the first candidates that any pro-life conservative considers. In fact, as LifeNews points out, Cruz is among the first mainstream GOP candidates for the White House to also argue that abortion in cases of rape is morally wrong. In a recent conversation with Megyn Kelly, Cruz said, “When it comes to rape, I’ve spent a lot of years in law enforcement. I was the solicitor general in the state of Texas and I have handled cases with horrific cases of rape, of people who committed child rape, people – I went before the U.S. Supreme Court and argued in defense of state laws imposing capital punishment for the very worst child rapists. And when it comes to rape, rape is a horrific crime against the humanity of a person and needs to be punished and punished severely but at the same time, as horrible as that crime is, I don’t believe it’s the child’s fault. And we weep at the crime. We want to do everything we can to prevent the crime on the front end and to punish the criminal, but I don’t believe it makes sense to blame the child.”

Planned Parenthood’s latest assault on Ted Cruz only serves as more evidence that he is the best candidate remaining to lead us forward on the issue of life. Who will you choose, the candidate that Planned Parenthood most fears, or one of the candidates that they embrace?

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