Another Karl Marx Disciple Attacks Another Columbus Statue [VIDEO]

A black Karl Marx disciple in a hoodie videos his own vandalism with Communist self-righteous narration.

A pretentious Karl Marx disciple videoed himself taking a sledge hammer to another Columbus memorial. The pretentious speech that accompanied the video used the word “capitalism” as if it meant slavery. That’s the kind of absurdities Leftists embrace, where a system based on freedom and self-ownership is smudged into a system of violent abduction and captivity and force labor.

This obfuscation is intentional. Clear thinking means the end of Leftism.

The Baltimore Sun reports, “Christopher Columbus monument vandalized in Baltimore.

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A monument in Baltimore to Christopher Columbus was vandalized overnight.

Baltimore Police said they were looking into the incident.

A video posted to YouTube shows a man striking the base of the monument near Herring Run Park repeatedly with a sledgehammer. Another person holds a sign that reads: “Racism, tear it down.” Another sign is taped to the monument reading: “The future is racial and economic justice.”

The narrator of the video, who says his name is Ty, calls Christopher Columbus a “genocidal terrorist.”

Read the entire Baltimore Sun story.

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