Another House Intelligence Committee Member Says There’s No Evidence of Collusion Between Russia and Trump Campaign [VIDEO]

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) represents New York’s 2nd district and sits on the House Intelligence Committee. He also might have been separated at birth from his identical twin brother and Fringe actor John Noble.

In an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, he said that he’s seen no evidence so far of any collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. But he says he has an open mind, and as soon as he sees information that indicates collusion, he’d be the first person to call it out.

Right now, Carter Page is in the media’s spotlight as being a person of interest, and possibly a Russian spy who may have brokered a deal with the Trump campaign, involving Trump agreeing to lifting Russian sanctions in exchange for an electoral victory.

The thing is, Page wasn’t a foreign policy advisor for very long. In fact, Trump may have not even ever met the guy. He reportedly showed up to one meeting early on in the campaign, and that was it.

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Being a foreign policy advisor though, it’s not surprising that he met with Russian officials. What would be weird is for him to meet with foreign officials from all over the world except Russian ones. That would be strange.

Regarding outed national security advisor General Michael Flynn speaking in Russia, John Noble Peter King downplayed its significance, saying that they knew he had spoken in Russia, and that there were pictures of him with Vladimir Putin.

He pointed out that aides and advisors to Hillary Clinton probably met with Russian officials too, and that those meetings would have been just as insignificant.

When Camerota asked him about what Carter Page said about the Trump dossier being a joke, King said that he had no way of knowing one way or the other whether it was true.

CAMEROTA: I’m well. So I know you were listening intently to the interview there with Carter Page. What did you hear that was new? 

KING: Actually, I guess a lot of it was new because he seems to be going in different directions. I’d just like to say upfront I’m not aware of any evidence so far of any collusion between the Trump campaign and any Russian agency. And Carter Page — my understanding is that Donald Trump has never even spoken to him, never had a conversation with him. I think he was at maybe one meeting of the campaign. And I — so again, whatever he’s saying, he’s saying on his own. That as far as I know had no connection at all to the Trump campaign. 

CAMEROTA: Well, I mean, do you believe some of the things that he just said. He said every word of the dossier is a joke, and he said that he never met any of the people in there. He had never said a word to any of them. So you take him at his word? 

KING: I have really no way of knowing. And, to me, again since he was not a part of the campaign, since he had no connection to Donald Trump, to me, unless somebody can show that there was a connection between what he was doing in the Trump campaign, I — to me it’s almost irrelevant as far as the investigation is concerned, you know, what Carter Page was doing. Because, again, I have not seen any link between the campaign and Russia. And Carter Page, again, he was talking about a lot of things today. I have no way of knowing if they’re true or not, but none of it ties the campaign into — you know, the Trump campaign into any either Russian intelligence, Russian government, of any plot to collude with the campaign.

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