Another Hate Hoax Treated as Gospel Until the Truth is Exposed

The racial slur in a public middle school restroom caused mass moral panic because no one waited to discover it was a hate hoax.

Once again, a hate hoax causes a local uproar, complete with white virtue-signaling and blacks hinting that free stuff may be needed to deal with that damage from all the white hate. No one waited for an investigation to discover the identity of the perpetrator. It was treated as beyond reasonable doubt that white racism had revealed itself in words written in the Girls’ Room mirror.

Fox 2 in St. Louis reported, “Parents and Community Activists address racist slur found written in girl’s bathroom.

“A lot of us in West County have a really hard time saying racism exists here. It makes me sad for the person who wrote it because they have not been taught and not learned how beautiful our society can be.”

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“This is very much a white person issue that we need to tackle as white people and speak up against,” said Alexandria Lane-Detwiler who has children attending the high school.

Some parents made suggestions that the district include education on racism in the curriculum.

Does anybody believe that any American public school fails to educate on racism?

Maybe we need more education about the risks of believing a hate hoax, because that’s what it was.

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