Another Hate Crime Fails the Narrative (But Distracts from the Real One)

People should worry about being the victim of a hate crime, but not the ones politicians talk about.

Vandalizing the BART stations with swastikas is a crime and may be a genuine hate crime. It got one California politician really upset:

Maybe this was done by someone different than the vandal that is being sought by police in all the other recent cases of swastika graffiti. But it is, at least, doubtful.

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The San Francisco Chronicle reports, “Swastika at Glen Park BART station seen as part of string of vandalism.

A swastika drawn at the Glen Park BART station Friday morning is the latest in a series of vandalism incidents on BART property, officials said.

BART police are searching for a serial vandal suspected of drawing several swastikas and writing ethnic slurs on BART property over the past week. The first incident was reported Oct. 20, BART spokesman Chris Filippi said.

And the picture shows an African America. It may not be a hoax since there is nothing unthinkable about a black person being an anti-Semite.

But it doesn’t fit the anti-Trump narrative of Scott Wiener.

In the meantime, there are innumerable hate crimes that are much more serious taking place in the BART system, and BART officials are covering them up!

Here’s a victim talking about his experience, carefully leaving out politically incorrect details:

Here’s what happens when a local business surveillance camera captures BART-related crime that BART does not have the power to censor.

This is the background for anti-Trump politicians preaching about “Nazi” hate crimes!

Read the entire SF Chronicle story.

Matt Christianson tweeted the press release from the BART police department:

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