Another GOP Candidate Drops Out of the Race

The GOP field is shrinking, ever so slowly.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal appeared on Fox News Tuesday evening to announce his decision to suspend his run for the White House.

Sadly, just as when Scott Walker walked away, Bobby Jindal leaves a race where he remains one of the best options for the nomination. Lesser candidates are leading Jindal in the polls, and the struggle for relevance has been such a toil that the conservative Governor of Louisiana has decided to drop out of the race.

While Jindal was not my personal favorite of the candidates, he was far superior than at least half of his GOP competitors, and it’s a sad commentary on our party, the media, and today’s voters that he was not more seriously considered for the job of President.

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However, by no means does this mean that Governor Jindal will soon fade into the ethereal background of American politics. I believe it is very likely that the GOP candidate (whoever that may be) will win the race for the White House in 2016, and if that does happen, Bobby Jindal will be seriously considered for a number of different cabinet level positions. Jindal has a wealth of healthcare administration experience, meaning that the best fit in the next administration’s cabinet would be as Health and Human Services Director. The point is, we should all expect Bobby Jindal to remain a relevant and important figure in the national political dialogue for some time to come.

Here’s what Jindal had to say to Bret Baier on Fox News:

“I’ve come to the realization that this is not my time. We spent a lot of time developing detailed policy papers. Given this crazy, unpredictable election season, clearly there wasn’t an interest in those policy papers.

Even though I’m not going to be a candidate for president, we had better elect the right president so that we can restore the American dream before it’s too late.”

As Governor Jindal pointed out, he and his staff spent a lot of time during this campaign attempting to carve out a niche as the intellectual force of the GOP field. Jindal had written and discussed in detail his beliefs, philosophies and plans for what he hoped to accomplish as our next President. The problem is that while his planning and his explanations of our philosophies may have been expertly crafted and brilliantly considered… Jindal simply never connected with the vast majority of GOP voters.

While most conservatives may not expect to ever see another Ronald Reagan – they still hope to fall in love with a candidate rather than just picking the smartest or most capable guy in the room. GOP voters want to be wooed, and Bobby Jindal was simply unable to fire up the passions of the party.

So, we have to say goodbye for now Governor Jindal. But we know that we’ll be seeing you again real soon.

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