Another German Terror Attack but Merkel Still Won’t Admit It

The German terror attack was committed by a Palestinian citizen and able-bodied young man who claimed to be a refugee.

The German terror attack took one life and wounded six. Yet the German authorities are still in denial about how their own policies have endangered Germans and cost lives. Bloomberg reports, “Hamburg Attack Puts Merkel Refugee Policy Back in Spotlight.”

The 26-year-old suspect is a Palestinian citizen whose request for refugee status had been declined. He had been ordered out of the country but lacked the necessary documents to travel, Grote said, adding that a few hours before the attack the man had inquired whether his documents were ready. The suspect, who had shown signs of mental instability, is now in police custody.

Other earlier reports said the terrorist was from the U.A.E. but I assume the Bloomberg article is correct.

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But Merkel was still denying the motive (emphasis added).

“I grieve for the victim of the cruel attack in Hamburg, and I am deeply sympathetic to his relatives. I wish the wounded to recover from their physical and mental wounds,” Merkel said in a statement on Saturday afternoon. “The act of violence must and will be clarified.”

Clarified? What isn’t clear? But it’s not only Merkel:

“We must take into account that the jihadist ideology is used as reason or justification for acts that are perhaps committed for quite different motives,” German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, a member of the CDU party, said in a statement. “The real motives can then also lie in the personality of the attacker.”

But that doesn’t matter. Germany did not have these problems until the government imported them. They imported new “personalities” who dramatically increased the crime rate.

And it’s not like that attacker was ambiguous about the pattern he was following when he attacked!

A witness to Friday’s assault told Deutsche Presse Agentur that the man shouted as he held up the knife, “Allahu Akbar,” Arabic for “God is greatest.” Police searched a refugee shelter where the attacker lived, the news agency reported on Saturday.

Read the whole Bloomberg story.

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