Another Example of the LIBERAL Jeb Bush

Some of my moderate Republican friends keep telling me how excited they are to vote for Jeb Bush… and I just shake my head. Then they get frustrated with me! They just can’t understand why I wouldn’t want to vote for such a good “conservative” candidate. I try to explain, but almost immediately I realize that they aren’t even listening… they just don’t care. To them he’s a conservative, and no amount of proof will lift the proverbial veil covering their eyes.

Instead, I’m just going to keep posting videos of all of the very liberal things Jeb Bush supports, says and does.

For example: Couple his (evolving) views on gay marriage with his absolute love for the Common Core, his full-throated support of amnesty, and his apparent acceptance of tax increases and Bush’s candidacy is all-but-dead to me. It would take some major work for him to gain my trust back… and I suspect many conservatives are thinking the same thing.

He also thinks spying on innocent Americans is cool. And he apparently embraces the theology of the church of Global Warming. Yep, Jeb Bush has been outed as a climate change alarmist.

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Question: What are you going to do about climate change?

Jeb Bush: Continue to embrace the reduction of carbon emissions that have taken place? 



Ugh. Another reason to want Jeb Bush out of the running…

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