Another Day, Another Democrat Calling Obama Opposition Racist

It must get tiring for liberals in the media to be forced into the same conversations time and again with their Democrat guests. The questions may be different, but the answers always seem to be the same… RACISM.

South Carolina representative Jim Clyburn (D-SC) was on MSNBC’s NewsNation with Tamron Hall when he chose to paint the Southern 1/3rd of the country with one broad racist brush.

“For anybody to say there’s nothing that is racial about some of the animus being expressed by President Obama, you’re not telling the truth. We know with a lot of people, I don’t care what he does. He’s not going to be acceptable because of his skin color.”

“None of us can successfully change our skin color nor can we change our gender. There are gender biases existing in this country. We have to work through those things. Those that are democrats that have a history of being fair on civil rights and those kinds of activities. We’ve got to stick with that agenda and work through it and don’t be ashamed or afraid of it.”

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This is all just complete BS.

Any cursory investigation of the Civil Rights Movement and Civil Rights Legislation will find that the GOP was consistently supportive of the Civil Rights agenda. It was the Democrat Party that was split over the Civil Rights movement. It’s not even hard to do the research to find the information… but Democrats consistently try to paint the GOP as racist so the history behind this becomes inconvenient.

liberal-progressives-shout-racismIs racism why President Obama is unpopular in every state except for the most liberal? Is racism why Democrats are losing in Colorado, Iowa, and South Dakota? Is racism why the race in New Hampshire is so close or why the Democrat Party is about to get crushed in Nevada?

Racism is a red herring for Democrats. It’s a way to attempt to distract people from the actual problem: Democrat Policies and Democrat leadership (or lack thereof).

Here’s a wakeup call for Jim Clyburn.

We hate losing our insurance coverage and being forced to fund Obamacare. Not Obama.

We hate higher taxes, more government spending and less government accountability. Not Obama.

We hate the constant parade of scandals – Secret Service, IRS, NSA, Justice Department, Benghazi, AP/Fox News – but no justice. Not Obama.

We hate the rise of terrorism and the rebirth of al Qaeda. Not Obama.

We hate the strengthening of our enemies – like China, Russia, and Iran – while we continue to weaken. Not Obama.

We hate seeing our freedoms – religious, speech, press, association, privacy, etc – trampled by our government. Not Obama.

We hate seeing our moral and religious beliefs denigrated while the morality of the Left is held sacrosanct. We hate that our morality is derided while the Lefts is elevated. We hate that our morality is forced to give way to the Left’s in this backwards culture. Not Obama.

I (and the vast majority of Obama opponents) could not care less about the President’s skin color, but we do care about the content of his character. He and his liberal cronies have driven our nation further from truth and closer to destruction (both figurative and literal).

We love Allen West, Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, JC Watts, Mia Love and many other African-American conservatives who stand with us against liberalism and godlessness.

It has nothing to do with the color of Obama’s skin and everything to do with the poverty of his ideas, beliefs, and actions.

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