Another Awful Budget Deal?

Another budget deal is required because Congress isn’t able to create and pass a real budget.

Rand Paul is upset (again) by the way the budget deal is shaping up. It is being negotiated by very few people, but a significant number of them are Democrats. It will likely be so long that no one will have time to read it before they have to vote on it.

Lou Dobbs found that Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) is also upset about the budget deal.

McClatchy reports, “Rand Paul on last-minute federal budget: ‘A rotten, terrible’ way to govern.

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With Congress teetering on the brink of its third government shutdown in three months, Sen. Rand Paul still hasn’t seen the details of a new budget bill that’s likely to be 1,000 pages long — and he’s not pleased.

That matters because it was Paul, R-Ky., who last month single-handedly prevented Congress from speedily moving ahead on a sweeping budget deal, triggering a short government shutdown […].

This time, Paul hasn’t yet decided on whether he’ll seek to slow the measure, but he’s clearly unhappy with the closed door talks [,,,]

In two conversations with McClatchy, Paul said he’d make up his mind after he sees the $1.3 trillion spending plan, which Republican leaders had hoped to produce last week but were working round the clock with Democrats to finish Wednesday.

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