Anglican Archbishop Rebukes Church for Going Pansexual Left

The Nigerian Anglican Archbishop, Nicholas D. Okoh, refuses to tolerate false teaching about sexual perversion and marriage.

The Anglican Archbishop over Nigeria is openly opposing the perverse bishops of America, Britain, and elsewhere, who teach that same-sex marriage is legitimate and approve of transgenderism. He is part of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) which preserves and defends genuine Christian ethics against the wave of perversion that has gripped the American Episcopal Church and the Church of England.

Here is his recent letter to the worldwide Anglican Church about why he won’t be attending one of the conferences: “Nigeria to boycott October primates meeting.” In it he defends GAFCON against the accusation of causing disunity.

Now we are living in the midst of the next great Reformation.  In our day also there is broken fellowship, over homosexual practice, same sex marriage and the blurring of gender identity, none of which are mentioned in the Creeds, but all of which contradict fundamental biblical understandings of marriage and human identity.

The question that Gafcon presents is therefore not a choice between unity or disunity, but what sort of unity? A unity that includes those who persist in rebelling against God’s Word is a false unity. So is a unity that undermines collective decision making as a communion. This makes our mission difficult and the purpose of our calling as a global communion becomes questionable. The creeds developed as a way of preserving the true unity of the Church in faithfulness to the Scriptures and that is what Gafcon also seeks to do as we face the challenges of the twenty-first century.

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Read the entire letter.

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