Anderson Cooper Told Kellyanne Conway That They Didn’t Link to BuzzFeed Article…But They Did [VIDEO]

Here’s the interview that prompted CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein to label Kellyanne Conway a ‘propaganda minister.’

Basically, CNN is upset that Donald Trump snubbed one of their reporters Jim Acosta. They don’t understand why Trump and his team is mad at them. They weren’t the ones who published the full 35-page titillating memo. They only reported on the 2-page synopsis. They didn’t want to mention the details that BuzzFeed decided to divulge to the public. None of it was verified.

The thing is, CNN did link to it in their article.


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Shortly after CNN’s initial reporting, BuzzFeed decided to publish the entire document of rumors. By CNN linking to it, they’re telling their readers/viewers that if they want all the dirty details, just go to BuzzFeed. They’re giving it credibility.

Anderson Cooper was trying to explain to Kellyanne Conway that CNN had nothing to do with BuzzFeed’s publication, and so it was unfair to be conflated with what they reported. There would have been no conflation if CNN simply didn’t mention the BuzzFeed article. Here’s part of their heated exchange:

CONWAY: Why do you link to the BuzzFeed story in your report?

COOPER: We said we cannot corroborate. We’re not reporting what they released. In fact, Jake Tapper has been very critical of what BuzzFeed has done.  

CONWAY: If you couldn’t corroborate it, why would you even link to it? Why are linking to fake news?

COOPER: We did not link to it.  

CONWAY: Why are linking to this stuff? You know the Michael Cohen — you know the Michael Cohen who is mentioned in that report is not the Michael Cohen who works at the Trump organization. This might — 

COOPER: We never said he was.  


CONWAY: You’re linking to the BuzzFeed report.  

COOPER: We’re not linking to the BuzzFeed report.

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