An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Hillary,

You don’t know me. You don’t know anyone from the middle class. This is where I pay my bills and I have to live with the choices that you and your liberal buddies make. Choices that you make, and later inquire, “What difference does it make?”

You are a woman, and so am I. However, we are not on the same team. You do NOT speak on my behalf. You continuously smirk and brag about how much the women of America love you and that we back you. That is simply NOT true. In fact, the sound of your name puts a metallic taste in my mouth. I would suspect that Monica Lewinsky knows it well.

I think that maybe, at one short point in your life, that you may have possibly had a shred of decency in your being. Unfortunately, for all of us, it did not last long. You traded it for wealth, and you traded it for fame. Some would even falter to say that you made a deal with the devil. Only you know the truth.

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I do have a question for you, though…

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