An Open Letter to CNN

Dear CNN,

You are not only fake news, but you are a bully.

At this point, you are working hard to salvage your news station. The entire country is talking about how you are fake news, or as Trump tweeted: the Fraud News Network.

You may be asking yourself how a media giant such as yourself could have fallen so quickly. There are many reasons why, and it was only bound to happen. We, as truth loving Americans, have been waiting for your downfall for many years.

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You prey on liberals and simple minded Americans who have no actual clue what is actually happening in this world. You preach narrative that only furthers the corrupt agenda of the left and bully anyone who may stand in your way.

We are tired of you pushing false stories on us, like a Russian collusion. We all saw the videos of you ADMITTING there was no real proof to it. That came just days after you had to pull news stories for being false.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, now you’re bullying children. You hunted down the kid who made a silly Reddit post showing Donald Trump beat you up, and you threatened him. It obviously wasn’t real and did not incite any real violence on anyone. Especially nothing like one of your employees holding the severed head of our president as a piece of “art.”

You would not have ever even seen the video if Trump hadn’t retweeted it.

So, CNN, we are done with you. I never liked you in the first place, along with many other Americans. However, I think you honestly did yourself in this time. Even for the people who did trust you and like you, because they now see your true colors as well.

Maybe if you’d put this much effort into finding Seth Rich’s killer then he would have gotten some justice by now.

Good luck coming back from this one. You are nothing more than fake news.


Truth loving, God believing, Gun toting Americans

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