An Irishman Explains #Brexit to Glenn Beck

The 23rd of June 2016 will be a day forever etched into the memories of millions. It was truly a modern day version of David versus Goliath. Of course I am writing about Brexit. This result should inspire every freedom loving person across our globe for several reasons:

My dear friend Jonathon Dunne (an Irishman) was recently asked by Blaze founder Glenn Beck to give some perspective on #Brexit. Here’s what Jonathon (and Beck) had to say:

Glenn Beck: I asked my friend Jonathan Dunne who works for the blaze in Ireland if he could give perspective on Brexit.
Here is what he sent me.

Jonathon Dunne: The 23rd of June 2016 will be a day forever etched into the memories of millions. It was truly a modern day version of David versus Goliath. Of course I am writing about Brexit. This result should inspire every freedom loving person across our globe for several reasons:

1 – This battle was a total mismatch. On the “stay” side you had all the political heavy weights including the Prime Minister, the leader of the opposition, the media and thus the ability to control the narrative.

They also had the huge advantage of arguing for the status quo – It is always harder to get people to change the direction they are travelling. The best the “leave” side could boast about was an ex-Mayor of London.

On paper this sounds like a total one sided fight, right?

Well it got even worse during the campaign, as the media increased the fear mongering that a vote to leave would have negative impacts on the economy, business, jobs, opportunities for future generations, NHS (UK Health Service) and Britain’s standing in the world.

The “stay” campaign even spread that leaving would cost the UK around 950,000 jobs and that the average wage would drop by £38 a week.

Then Britain witnessed the horrific murder of Jo Cox. Jo was a Labor MP campaigning to stay in Europe and she was shot and stabbed to death in broad day light by a person who shouted “Britain First” during the disgusting assault.

Despite not having the star power, the fear mongering, the horrific murder, and countless polls suggesting they would stay, the British people voted to leave the E.U and the end result was not even close.

The leave side won 52% to 48% or by over 1.3 million votes.

2 – George Washington once said that “liberty, when it begins to take root is a plant of rapid growth”. This victory was a truly a plant of rapid growth as several years ago Eurosceptic candidates like Nigel Farage were considered fringe candidates at best.

It was only last September that the stay side had a sizable lead in the average polling.

The British people had a clear choice in this election and they chose liberty over tyranny, hope over fear, a new path forward over the status quo and self-government over big government overseas.

This is a wonderful win for freedom and there are already calls for independence referendums in Scotland, Northern Ireland, France and potentially the Netherlands.

Our world today is changing and the days of the establishment, the elites and the status quo are over.

We must understand that their defeat will create a big void in society and our actions or inaction will determine how that void is filled.

Freedom without principles will always lead back to tyranny and that is why America’s Founding Principles are critical.

The battle for freedom is much bigger than a country voting to leave a union. We must work hard to ensure freedom spreads to every individual.

It might be 2016 but our Founding Principles of all being created equal and that each of us is born with certain unalienable rights is still a revolutionary idea that the majority of the world has not yet heard.

The road for freedom is one America knows extremely well. We fought for freedom 240 years ago and have fought for it every day since. Not many other countries can say that.

If we truly want to live free we must share America’s trilogy of freedom with the world – the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They worked in 13 colonies in 1776, they can still work in America today and they can work anywhere.

Imagine playing a role in truly making this world a better place.

Imagine being able to empower an individual with the knowledge of freedom.

Imagine a world where America is once again that beacon of light and hope for the world.

If that is a world you want to live in, NOW is the time to speak louder, speak with more passion, more love and reach out to someone you don’t know and explain real freedom.


Glenn Beck: –This was written by a man who so desperately wants to come to America. But he wants to come the right way –

Through the front door.

I have hired him for TheBlaze Radio Network. He does his podcast from Ireland where he speaks openly for his love of America. He gives me hope.

In turn, I hope to sponsor him for citizenship. America needs more men like him.

Stay calm and LIVE your principles.


You can see more from Jonathon Dunne at his website, Freedom’s Disciple. Please Check it Out!


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