An Innocent But Revealing Reference

It’s been reported ad nauseam that those two infamous FBI lovebirds, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, conversed about needing “an insurance plan” against the unthinkable; a Trump Presidency.  Forgive this rambling but given the record of our inept Attorney General, could it be that what they thought of concocting was in fact already placed?


This approach is in tune with the old reliable adage, “action speaks louder than words” but more importantly, it’s embellished by another quip, one from FDR: “In politics, nothing happens by accident.  If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”  I just can’t discount both the aforementioned “insurance plan” and FDR’s advice, when considering the likelihood that these two FBI plotters accidently blabbed what the Washington Establishment already had set in motion.  And the scariest part of this is that Sessions’ continued inaction tends to validate its reality.


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When appreciating the establishment’s attention to details, their methodical planning along with their commanding influence, what better placement of an “insurance policy” could there be other than at the head of the Justice Department?  Now theoretically, while this was only assumed, there is little doubt as to candidate Trump’s esteem and growing reliance for such a veteran Senator and former Alabama Attorney General.  The probability of Sessions’ early support ricocheting into the top Justice position was a bet worth wagering.


The impossible has become a reality as America’s planned transformation into this socialized global entity has been side tracked by a Presidential outsider.  With the media’s protective scrambling in full gear, what is taking place, without any public realization, is this after-the-fact reacting rather than the establishment’s usual mode for proactive planning.  This defensive posturing, while unfamiliar, is a monumental shift in itself.  And it’s all brought about by the least likely of election results.


Suspicion grows with each idle day at Justice, that the establishment’s last ditched safeguard against the unthinkable has become their only working tool against the unraveling of their objectives.  All this sounds as a far-fetched conspiracy but is it really?  After all, many years ago, who knew of those individual Congressional bank accounts?  So, what remains unknown in today’s world?

The current airing of Page and her paramour’s idea for that insurance policy must have sent shock waves throughout establishment circles since it appears that this safe guard was already achieved with Session’s ingratiating move into Trump’s inner circle of confidents.  Few gave a second thought since being the foremost conservative in the Senate, he provided Trump’s campaign with instant creditability.


Remember back in the early days of Trump’s 2016 campaign when Sessions broke Senatorial ranks with his support for such a brash outsider?  While Sessions was welcomed, those in secret who previously delved into Trump’s make up, were well aware of his penchant for loyalty.  So, the earlier the endorsement, the better.  The only trouble, and this was regretfully overlooked; was his support truly genuine.  It was assumed, however, directly following Trump’s surprising inauguration, Sessions’ quick Russian recusal suggested otherwise.


Aside from this Trump/Russian collusion charade, which may actually be diversionary in nature, given Hillary Clinton’s growing dossier, the question of a duel justice system is rising in volume within public corridors since many are wondering just how is it that Clinton seems to be so untouchable?


Again, FDR’s “nothing happens by accident” reasoning seems appropriate when recalling years ago in the Clinton Administration, hundreds of FBI files went missing!  Has the time come to start connecting those forgotten dots?  Could FBI files lost during a Clinton Presidency have anything to do with this barring of any prosecutorial action against the 2016 campaign candidate who appears to be the actual colluder?  Also too, how does a life long hard charging conservative turn into this “see and hear no evil” top cop?


This verses Mueller’s obsessive investigation, which after ten months, still lacks any “cause,” “probable” or otherwise.  Remembering FDR’s advising, in part,  “…if it happens…”  Well yes, those missing files certainly did happen.  When coupling Sessions’ inaction to the wisdom of “…actions speak louder…” doesn’t it become difficult to discount FDR’s closing, “…you can bet it was planned that way…?”

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