An Engineered Overlook: The Political Uranium Bombshell

Give our social media credit, even though the MSM (main stream media) or nothingness central, refuses to report on the political uranium bombshell, people are becoming aware as shocking details continue to unfold.

The transformation of our election barometer must claim partial culpability in that good intentions, tinged with a bit of guilt has become prioritized as we ride rough shod or overlook the candidate’s record of achievements.  Also too it’s the drama of personalities which drifts into our thinking.

What is now playing out is in reaction to the unthinkable; Clinton losing to Trump!  Simple and at the same time, a hidden complexity!  Our initial glimpse into its totality came with the shocked expressions of those stammering moderator’s on election night.  Delightful for many, hellish for others; particularly those who had already conceded that this was a “done deal!”

However, the present issue of selling 20% of American’s uranium supplies is now unveiling the corruption which was so tediously hidden for so long.  That is, long enough for Ms. Clinton to win the White House, or so it was assumed.

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Today, with blockbusting reports starting to emerge, thanks to the Fox News reporting of Sean Hannity in particular, a recent issue of National Review also featured an in depth expose by Andrew C. McCarthy, a former Assistant US District Attorney.

His incriminating revelations aside, the point being is the overall atmosphere generated by the powers to be.  The media seems to rule the day, at least as far as what is being released.  Until recently, its ability for tampering down the public’s outcry has influenced much and many!  Another item is the obfuscation or the diversion from the total picture; one that intimidates by its very scope and if set aside unnoticed, will eventually be detrimental to our American future.

This crime, if treason be its calling card, seems to be worthy with its available and willing testimony.  That being said, will it proceed to that level?  Iffy since the overall picture continues to be overlooked for the prioritizing of the establishment’s agenda.  And it is to this demand, this prioritizing that our media pundits continue to hammer upon itsy bitsy Trump details; as per which fork preference he used or be it Melania’s heels verses sneakers!

Granted, what is just starting to seep out makes Watergate look like child’s play.  We are talking about a National Security breach in exchange for financial gains.  Still, what we overlook is if this landscape of today would be unfolding with a Trump loss?  And, if this were the case, just how far would America be in the tank without knowing?  What would then be our future with such cold hearted culprits running the show?  This is what is being intentionally by-passed!

So as we complain about Presidential decorum and gruffness, shouldn’t we all just step back and not only be thankful but begin to realize just how culpable we have become for permitting such mischief?

And yes, our permission came through our silence since in our hearts, we knew things just weren’t jiving. This is the real deal.  This, the responsibility of American citizenship, weighs upon us all, regardless of party affiliation since this is our Country and we are Blessed by the opportunities afforded

Never forget and do not deny about the powers to be, namely the establishment.  Through their media voices, its intention is for us to remain mute, appreciative and most of all dependent.  However, Trump’s win upset their time table.  To this, we will all benefit, if shouldered responsibly.

We have been given a reprieve.  If that planned outcome became a reality, our American gig would be an historical footnote, unworthy of study.  Today, what continues to seep out dovetails with all the denials, abuses and excuses from just the past administration alone.

We need only to mention the word “Benghazi.”  How infuriating was the intentional misdirection from those Sunday morning talk shows?  This, with a Trump loss, would become the routine from an uncaring authority.

This is what is being overlooked; the bigger picture of what would have evolved for a populace which was becoming increasingly dependent.  So, if we rise up to the media’s orchestrated crescendo over each Trump faux pas, just realize that what is being overlooked is the total picture and how fortunate we are that it didn’t become our landscape!

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