An Anonymous Cop’s Message to Black Lives Matter

Guest post by Andrew Chavarrilla

A cop under the condition of anonymity shares his thoughts on the black lives matter movement.


America in 2016 is a very different place. We have become a country devoid of love and respect for people who risk everything for our safety all day, every day. I remember a time when the local cop was a good person, everyone knew them, and you would address them as Sir or Ma’am. Today we call them horrific names and have people chant for them to fry.

Despite this abuse, the police still show up for work and are willing to risk their life for you. Things have escalated over the last 10 days, as we have witnessed mass shootings targeting both the Dallas and Baton Rouge Police Departments where eight police were killed. Close your eyes for a moment and try imagine what a police office is feeling right now. Try to imagine how you would feel at the start of your next shift. Imagine the emotions felt by the partners, kids and families of police officers. Now ask yourself an honest question – Is it worth it? Would you risk your life today for anyone, for someone who potentially hates you?

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