America’s Sheriff, David Clarke, Agrees with Ted Cruz – We Should Be Patrolling Muslim Neighborhoods!

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was a guest on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Company when the host Stuart Varney asked Sheriff Clarke the question that everyone was wondering about.

Stuart Varney: “Ted Cruz has said, after the Brussels attack, he’s in favor of patrolling Muslim neighborhoods in America. You’re a cop. You would do the patrolling, you’d organize the patrolling. Would you do it?”

Since Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) made his proposal about extra patrols through Muslim neighborhoods, pundits and politicians alike have been giving their two cents about the viability of such a measure. However, most Americans could not care less about politicians and pundits have to say, they care about what our best law enforcement officials believe… which is why Sheriff Clarke’s unvarnished opinion on the subject is so important.

As soon as Varney asked, Sheriff Clarke launched into his direct, politically incorrect, and completely perfect response.

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 Sheriff David Clarke: “Sure, and we already are. And in New York they’re doing it under the Handschu agreement (a New York City board which allows for surveillance for possible radicals), which allows the NYPD and their demographics units to go anywhere in these Muslim communities that the public is allowed to go.”

“They do not do rolling surveillance, they do not do rogue spying. But they’re looking for evidence of hot spots. They’re looking for evidence of radicalization, those sorts of things.”

Stuart Varney: “I didn’t know they were doing this already. Active patrols?”

Sheriff David Clarke: “Sure, the Handschu agreement in New York. It’s a court-ordered monitoring. There was a complaint made about some of the NYPD tactics to surveil Muslim communities. So they came up with this court-ordered agreement — it’s called the Handschu agreement, I don’t know where the name comes from — but it allows NYPD to conduct certain activities where we balance the protection of civil liberties and we help defend this country, this city, this nation, our communities, my community back home — not through the Handschu agreement — but helps us defend against plots against radicalization efforts. Had they done a better job in San Bernardino, they may have been able to uncover (the terror plot) because the neighbors knew something was up.”

Sheriff Clarke also added that good, law abiding Muslims would not be against greater scrutiny; in fact, they’d be happy with greater involvement from authorities if it mean a safer America.

“They knew something didn’t smell right but they didn’t know who to go to, they were afraid to say anything. So, we have to get over this notion that these are no-go zones. That’s not fair to the Muslim communities, all right?  Many of these individuals do not stand for this [radical Islam] and they want to help as well… Well, then, we have to be in those communities, use Muslim officers that understand the language. You’ve got Pashto, you got Arabic, you got Farsi, they understand the religion, and they understand the customs and traditions in those neighborhoods.”

Wow. Just wow.


H/T CNS News


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