America’s Problems are More than Just Statues

Whatever the reason or cause for the mentally infirmed, tearing down Statues have little to do with the actuality of past historical events.  The Civil War took place at a tremendously high cost.  Who paid for that bill?  Don’t worry, it was paid for gallantly by both the North and the South!


Furthermore, if the intent is to “whitewash” America’s Civil War history, then many Union Generals must meet the same fate since to see Gen. Grant is but to re-open 150 year old wounds, which in themselves defy healing for some reason.


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Also and most notably is our fifty dollar bill.  Grant’s stern presence may send shivers through many.  Would it be inconsiderate to say that at this point in time, cleansing history necessitates the elimination of America as we know it?  I mean, our history, whether it be our Civil War, our War for Independence or even the segregation strife of the sixties; our heritage is made whole by the endurance and struggles that brought fairness and peace, with better times for all.


So why now, at this time of equality building, are there such heated events?  And why does it always seem to be those under, say, the age of thirty who generate the heat?  If nothing else, this points to an agitation source, which our continual denying and/or ignoring actually feeds.


Given the recent clamp down against campus free speech, or more precisely, conservative rhetoric, would it be such a stretch when suggesting that this preference may go even further and gospel against the goodness of America?  If for no other reason, the breakdown of democrat/republican or if you prefer, the breakdown between the progressive verses the conservative finds the progressive with an overwhelming faculty presence.  With this lopsided percentage, along with the universal stifling of opposing thought, just maybe a good dose of brainwashing is being dished out?


The facts speak loudly.  The young are predominantly represented front and center at each melee.  The cities in which such discord is allowed to progress, without the intervening arm of the law, are usually democrat enclaves.  And just recently, city law enforcement have received “stand down” orders from higher up city officials.


Now take it one step further.  Long before Obama’s exit, he organized an aptly titled outfit called “organizing for action,” (OFA)  It’s been reported that his force numbers in excess of 30,000 nationwide.  So, given the saturation of the progressives at the campus recruiting levels, the convenience of like minded mayors being at the center of such mayhem, this influence is not only probable but it ties into such a neat package.


What is taking place in today’s America is nothing less than a semi-peaceful, semi-violent overthrow of our American society, our structure of governing and our system of law enforcement.  Recent events have demonstrated that now, in these democrat havens, violent protest against the injustice du jour, the Civil War, that these outburst will be permitted without restraint.


The protection of such outlawry is given safe passage by our nation’s equally progressive media elites.  The recent free-for-all in Charlottesville, Virginia was fairly critiqued by President Trump; however, refuted once again by our media punditry.  In reality, these asinine reports defy what all of America witnessed on TV.  Both sides came to the arena of battle ready and prepared. To say otherwise, as the media repeatedly attempts is insulting, but more so, adds to their own demise since their “fakery” is easily substantiated.


This entire charade is aimed at tearing America apart from the inside out.  For decades, we have ignored the root beginnings which are now blooming in full sight. Yes, the Civil War took place and “slaves were freed.”  Now, as the economy returns under the capable leadership of a pro-American President, the normalcy of American life should follow. And that is the communist’s worst fear; a robust economy with Americans back at work!

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