America’s Illegal Alien Crisis and the Politics of Deceit

Republicans And Democrats Created This Mess, And Republicans And Democrats Will Have To Fix It…Or Will They?

If there is another life truism with the same unshakable reality of “death” and “taxes,” it is the certainty that our immigration system is broken beyond repair. Its demise was never characterized by a singular event or act, rather, it has been death rattling for over three decades, so much so that the glazed eyes of its near lifeless form now stare with complete abandon, awaiting the end.

Its demise has not been the result of one person working alone, but of a well-organized cabal of persons working neither in the interest of immigrants nor their own country. The principal culprits belong to our two major political parties, and in killing off lawful and responsible immigration policy, Republicans and Democrats alike have acted more like the greedy nephew slowly poisoning the wealthy uncle with small, regular doses of arsenic.

To be sure, this act of criminal treachery has been accompanied by the usual cover of distortion, lies, obfuscations and deceit. The issue of immigration has been marked with so much contention and so much disinformation, especially during the last Presidential election cycle, that even fair-minded people are at a loss to know precisely where a true departure point may be established for attempting to address what has become an issue equal in both danger as well as divisiveness for our nation.

We must first define and call the problem for what it is, namely, the systematic and long pervasive invasion of the United States, not by “guest workers,” not by “undocumented persons,” not even by immigrants, but by “Illegal aliens,” illegal being not in conformity with acceptable procedure for entry and remaining in the country, and alien being defined as a non-naturalized, foreigner in a country other than their own.

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No amount of euphemistic flimflam or political correctness alters these basic facts. Even the use of the word “immigrant” in the context of the present crisis is inappropriate, as its use implies one who has at least embarked upon a legal course of entry and regularization of status in accordance with the laws pertaining to living and working within the borders of the United States.  

Over the last eight years, Barack Obama mightily attempted to reorient the minds of the American people into believing that the invaders are entitled to be in the country, even though illegal, provided they’ve never committed a serious crime or represent a threat to national security. The enfeebled enforcement of immigration law at the local, state and national levels has made this thinking a fait accompli.   

To understand the immediate cause of the present illegal alien debacle in the U.S., it is necessary to revisit the long gone Presidency of Republican Ronald Reagan. On October 17th, 1986, the Congress of the United States approved legislation that was the most comprehensive overhaul of American immigration laws since the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952. The new legislation, known as the Immigration Reform and Control Act, or more commonly as the Simpson-Mazzolli Act after the name of its two principal sponsors, allowed for fines and in extreme cases jail terms for employers who knowingly hired illegal aliens, and amnesty to be allowed for any illegals who could prove they had lived continuously in the United States for four years, on or before January 1st, 1982.

The law was intended to create a new era of rigorous enforcement, especially against those who hired illegals. Over the objection of many of the more Conservative voices of his party, Reagan signed the bill on November 6th, setting into motion the first major lie to the American people with respect to stemming the flow of persons who didn’t belong in the country. The mechanisms to rigorously enforce the prohibitions against hiring were never put into place, and with the wink of an eye, many employers continued to engage in the same old practices as before. This happened because they had absolutely no incentive to do otherwise.

The flawed implementation of the law not only failed to curtail illegal hiring practices, but laid the ground work for the next flood of illegals into the United States. The trouble with the “Reagan Amnesty” was that there was little need to go after employers, especially since under the amnesty provision of the new law, approximately 3 million hitherto unlawful persons had now been granted unconditional legal status.  

Bowing to business and corporate interests always seeking to lower payrolls and wages, Republicans remained slavishly complicit in allowing the status quo to continue unmolested. The hoax involved in making people believe that the use of government systems such as E-Verify for employers to identify the legal status of prospective hires was just that, a hoax. The unimpeded ability to come into the country to work, facilitated by the economic boom of the 1990’s, laid the foundation for the onslaught of the next crop of illegal aliens into the United States.

Ironically, to this very day, in spite of the magnitude of the problem, Congressional politicians on both sides of the aisle along with the business community are still debating the merits of employer verification programs. Proposals for the establishment of a National Identification Card and other verification measures have been consistently voted down by Congress.

Democrats as well are awash in blame, for their vision of  illegals is one of future votes for none other than the Democratic party. The images of Mexican illegal alien protesters in Arizona border towns, waving Mexican flags in protest against the laws of a country they don’t even belong in should send a shock wave down the spine of Americans, as this represents a huge source of future, potential votes – votes that Democrats would love to use to create a permanent, one-party political system in America.

This is an avowed and unrepentant objective of the Democratic party. The prospect of one-party rule could well become reality, as the years between Simpson-Mazzoli and the present have witnessed the total number of illegal aliens now living in the United States skyrocket from 11,000,000 to perhaps as many as 20,000,000.

Should it come as any great surprise that the likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer and their coterie of ultra Left-wing political operatives, aided by (RINO) Republicans, (Republicans in Name Only) have been chomping at the bit so passionately for passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform without first engaging in any meaningful way to secure the border with Mexico? Make no mistake about it, Comprehensive Immigration Reform is just another way of saying “Amnesty.”

Barack Obama, when campaigning in 2008 for the Presidency, best articulated the aims of the Democratic Left to make the United States a virtual open door for anybody and everybody in the remarks he addressed to the anti-American organization La Raza:  “I will be a President who stands with you, and fights for you and walks every step of the way with you….I fought with you in the Senate for comprehensive immigration reform and I will make it a top priority in my first year as President.”

Aside from the outright attack on American sovereignty after decades of flagrant flouting of Federal immigration law and disregard for the consequences, why would anyone with an ounce of sanity support the need for the continued influx of hordes of low-skilled, uneducated illegals? Where is the economic rationale for continuing to allow this?

While unfettered immigration may have once served the interests of a growing American nation, common sense tells us what nobody in Washington will, namely, that it is only greedy employers that clamor for cheap labor, and who benefit greatly from the labor of illegals in a sluggish economy. As it is, almost 1 million legal immigrants enter the U.S. every year, entering the labor market to compete with Americans for a scarcity of jobs. Does it make sense that this number of legal immigrants, coupled with the countless numbers of illegal aliens be allowed to drastically depress wage growth?

At a time when companies and corporations are siphoning off hundreds of thousands of American jobs to countries where cheap labor is king, why does the United States engage in the nefarious practice of having its own people, especially in the lower echelons of the American economy, now have to compete with the social under-classes of other countries in a race to the economic bottom?

The truth is that many American companies and corporations couldn’t care less about the incurred costs of the illegal alien invasion with respect to increased education and health care costs, and anyone who believes that these costs don’t exist are as anchored in fantasy as the advocates of the sky falling. These blood-sucking captains of business and industry will always advance the spurious argument that illegal alien invaders do the jobs that Americans will not do. Oh really? How is it that economists have agreed for decades that the U.S. has ample unskilled labor? Who is protecting their interest? Just ask many of the nation’s sanitation and sewer workers, who are mostly well-paid, unionized and American.

No…There can be absolutely no reward for breaking the laws of the land. This in essence has been the pattern of how we have dealt as a country with illegals for the last thirty years. Two core essentials must be part of any overhaul of the terminally ill American immigration system:

1.) The Southern border must be secured by virtue of incorporating the latest technological and building innovations for the purpose of constructing the kind of impenetrable barrier that will both frustrate and thwart illegal incursions against the sovereign border of the United States.

Additionally, sufficient numbers of border patrol agents must be hired and adequate ancillary resources deployed for the purpose of removing illegals apprehended at point of crossing ,and returning them to their point of origin. There must be no exceptions in this regard. The insidious policy of “catch and release” must cease. Nobody has the right to come to the United States. Nobody has the right to be in the United States illegally. Additionally, special tribunals designated for the adjudication of those apprehended and currently in detention must be expedited.

We must also end sanctuary cities and cut-off federal funding to any and all who refuse to cooperate with or uphold Federal immigration law. The policy of immigration to reunite families must come under closer and more tightly controlled scrutiny. Currently, U.S. citizens are able to sponsor immediate relatives for permanent residence and then citizenship. Spouses, parents and children of citizens may be unskilled, uneducated and thus more likely to become “wards of the state.”

2). With respect to those illegals who are already in the country, while it is obvious that we cannot and will not deport millions of people, there can be NO AMNESTY and NO AUTOMATIC PATH to American Citizenship.

To do this would be not only a reward for lawlessness, but a slap in the face to the many hundreds of thousands of legitimate aspirants with respect to acquiring permanent residency, and ultimately citizenship. Firstly, all criminally illegal aliens who can be identified must be deported immediately. In addition to major felonies such as the sale of narcotics, rape, robbery and murder, persons engaged in less serious felony and major misdemeanor charges such as mail fraud, confidence games and DWI must be evaluated on a case by case basis with respect to  being subject to deportation proceedings.

Again, there can be no reward for those who violated the law, or incentive to lay the groundwork for another flood of humanity into the country. Any person now here illegally must come out of the shadows and be registered. They must undergo rigorous vetting, and if it is determined they have not engaged in criminality, terrorism or other behavior potentially harmful to the welfare of the State can, after review on a case-by-case basis, be given a special “probationary” residence status with a guest worker provision, provided they do the following as a condition of probation:  As a consequence of their breaking the law, they must pay a substantial financial penalty.

In addition, they must pay all back taxes and make a commitment to become proficient in English, the language of the land. The probationary period should be 5 years in duration, commencing from the time persons officially have been deemed able to remain under probationary status. After that, anyone wishing to apply for permanent residency and ultimately citizenship can do so by undergoing the same process of application, vetting and fees that all “law-abiding” applicants go through now.

Finally, no alien, as is the practice now, should ever be permitted to take any Citizenship test for the United States in a language other than English, or with the help of interpreters.

We need to send a resounding message to those who would seek to subvert our laws. At the end of the day, we are either a country with borders or we are not. Our political leaders, from the President on down, swear a solemn oath to protect the Constitution and people of the United States. In private industry, when you fail to perform you are fired! Our political leaders must start becoming accountable to the people who put them there…Yes, that means we the people.

If the current crop of politicos are not up to the challenge, it is up to we the people to make them perform or send them packing for failure to do so. Unless we relish the thought of becoming like Western Europe, we would do well as a nation to look seriously at the implications of allowing this national disgrace to continue festering. We might also heed that continued allowance of a system that threatens our culture, our laws and our way of life, just like the wealthy uncle, is on its way to dying from arsenic poisoning.

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