America’s HYPOCRISY About Trump’s ‘Behavior’

The Devil has fulfilled his promise to Hillary:  “Don’t worry about Trump. We’ll find for him anything that doesn’t have anything to do with the real problems of America.”

In a country that hardly has a movie that is not rated R. A country that had presidents with extra marital relations.

A country that had pedophile presidents. A country that one of its presidents literally had his d*** sucked in the Oval Office.

A Country that stands up to defend the right of a loose woman to kill her own child.

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A country that the majority of its daughters in its high schools stand in line to lose their virginity by the same guy.

A country that its high and middle schools’ students are screwing their unmarried and married lady teachers.

A country that allows the spouse to cheat on the other spouse.

A country that does not raise a finger when a soldier returns home from fighting war to find his wife in the arms of another man, and his bank account is flattened.

Trump is bad????? Is this your judgement?

If you don’t like Trump’s behavior, don’t marry him.

If we are worried that the presidency will be tainted, Bill Clinton has already done this job.

Would you rather let Hillary starve factory workers and have their jobs sent abroad?

Does anyone have the courage of Trump who stood and lead the wronged Americans, who lost their jobs, despite the fact that he knew his past, and what the media would do to him?

Trump, who did not use Bill Clinton’s Infidelity against Hillary in the first debate, when he saw their daughter Chelsea sitting in the audience.

Do we have another man, a conservative man, who has the balls to defy The Elite Businessmen?

The Elite Businessmen are watching and laughing. I can hear them giggling and saying: “This is the fate of anyone who thinks of defying us”

Dear America: “Let The One Who Does Not Have A Sin Cast The First Stone”

Dear America: Vote Trump.

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