America’s Educational Ruse: An Ice Cold Shower of Facts

Today’s version of America needs an ice cold shower of facts and truth. In our 24/7 world of news, gossip and innuendoes, the question remains: if our modern sensitivities would allow for such a dose of knowing?

Truth has long since left our public square. In its place, after our Judeo-Christian foundations were splintered, there appeared the un-Constitutional Department of Education. Most self incriminating was that some how, free Americans began to embrace this absurd democracy scam. Given Woodrow Wilson democracy boast, how did this single utterance replace America’s rightful and proud history of being a Constitutional Republic?

What has been absent for too long is the teachings of our Founding period. This knowledge is our Country’s rudder, her stabilizer. If Russian schools find it beneficial to pound into their young soviet brains about Russian sacrifice when defeating Nazi Germany, why is it that American schools ignore our American brand of glory?

What seems to have become American education’s driving force is the tenet that “if one doesn’t believe in something, he or she will believe anything.” Similarly, “if one doesn’t know his or her rights, they will not have any rights!” Both concepts work in tandem for the same result; a more accepting and less questioning populace.

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Such guidelines hint of an intentional program to down grade American education and patriotism. Now, if we throw the educational victims of Geography, Civics, Basic Math and now the lost art of Cursive (penmanship) Writing into the mix, such a presentation provides an American jury with an easy verdict!

Another societal area will provide a more visual example of our lower standards. While hard to admit, hand-in-hand is the removal of religious teachings from not only the American classrooms but from weekly Sunday observances and from our family living rooms. This is an essential part of America’s rudder, the “belief in something,” in this case of a higher being; which having been dismissed, has introduced our believing of “anything.”

It seems that a few objecting voices supposedly caused America’s change from her religious foundations to that of a more secular venue. Yet, in today’s marketplace of thought, grade schools include the study of Islam and in dozens of high schools, there are officially sanctioned after hours “satanic clubs.”

This is quite a radical transition given that Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1798, “No power over the freedom of religion…(is) delegated to the United States by the Constitution.” He also wrote that, “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the minds of man.”

Well over two hundred years ago, Jefferson pinpointed today’s on going educational ruse. When globalism and climate change erase American history, and most recently, penmanship, the word ruse may not be harsh enough. As Jefferson alluded to, there are many “forms of tyranny,” and the education of young Americans may well be the most diabolical.

In closing, our mere reciting of the Pledge should spark our discarded curiosity as this “democracy” scam is the easiest to disprove. We don’t say,”… and to the democracy for which it stands…” we say, “…and to the Republic for which it stands…” Above all, this short recall validates Jefferson’s sworn dedication against “tyranny over the minds of man.”

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