America’s Crumbling Character: Hillary Clinton’s Web of Lies

Given the fact that four Americans died needlessly in the service of our Country, other sinister players became evident during Clinton’s arrogant Benghazi testimony.

First, if anyone is still unclear as to which party plays the Congressional obstructionist role, such wonderings have been answered.  Just how in hell can an investigation be conducted when all five democrat members of the Benghazi panel care more about Hillary Clinton’s political viability and Presidential ambitions than in discovering the facts which led to our American losses?

This despicable display of democrat partisanship, especially given the stakes involved, should have been a lesson for all Americans.  Even without Harry Reid’s obstructionist leadership, this Cummings’ cabal presented the viewing public with what actually is the more responsible player of congressional gridlock — that being the agenda of the democrat party over the purposeful needs of our country.

Those five democrats lick booted their way with their salutary “madam secretary” openings rather than offering a respectful line of questions concerning the events of that night.  Instead, these panel members fell over themselves with either words praising their “madam secretary” or uttering apologies for a previous inquiry from their political counterparts.

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Clinton became cornered in a time line issue; while the fighting still raged, Clinton emailed Chelsea at 11:12 PM saying that “Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by Al Qaeda-like group.”  This definitive statement makes certain her understanding of the true cause, while at the same time, she continued to tell the American public her video fable.  She was caught and proven to be an open and bold faced public liar.

benghazi-liarsIn a supportive role, and while completely dismissing Clinton’s email gaffe to her daughter, media accounts characterized the session as “congressional grilling” and that Clinton “held her ground in calm fashion.”  On Saturday, the Wall Street Journal ran an article entitled, Clinton Momentum Builds After Challenging Week.  This type of disrespectful prose has sadly become the norm from what increasingly appears to be a supportive government agency, ready to aid any and all progressives, no matter what.

Are we to believe that Clinton’s responsibilities are now behind her after only one day of questioning?  And how about all the accounts reporting that her questioning lasted eleven hours?  Really?  I seem to remember at least a one hour lunch break and then there was that longer interruption so that panel members could comply with their official voting duties.  So while technically the hearing spanned eleven hours, to report that Clinton’s “grilling” totaled that time is intentionally false and misleading.  In reality, somewhere between eight and nine hours, maybe.

While the time objection may seem a bit trifling, it’s woven into this continuing Clinton mystic, which has been fine tuned over time.  However, just where is the media’s conscience, or for that matter, much of the public’s?  Are four lives so easily discarded in preference to one’s whimsical impressions of a “first” woman President?  Are remembrances of her husband’s tour that gratifying or worthy?

liar hillary2Back in the day, President Clinton’s major stumbling block of dodging our Nation’s draft, in a time of war, was quickly swept away with his looks and his “good ole boy” country appeal.  Few realized the price of such fantasies.  More recently, another troubling standard that became inconvenient and thus ignored was America’s needful adherence to Presidential qualification.  Are we now ready to forgive or worse, forget, what took place on that 9/11 night in Benghazi?  After three damn long years, are certain parties waiting for the statute of limitations to kick in?    If so, be informed that for murder, this is not applicable.

Look around and do your own self-appraisal.  How many friends and family members have secure employment, or for that matter, are even employed?  And how far does the weekly paycheck stretch today?  Does everything now revolve around the highly publicized gas price or is there more to consider?  And or course, that promise of “free” health care has only resulted in higher premiums!

We have been promised the moon for too long.  Life isn’t about freebies nor is it about ignoring accountability.  At least, not in the long run, since life’s own accounting process has a way of evening the score.

Read all the glowing accounts of Mrs. Clinton’s “calm fashion” if you must but we have already experienced the results from false promising and rosy predictions.  What is waiting in the wings is more of the same!  Despite all the spin and re-interpreting that one digests, the fact remains that Clinton lied to our people and to the families of those that were slain.  Addressing the nation is one thing but to stand eyeball to eyeball with grieving family members, while promising them what you know to be untrue, well, that’s a special kind of cold.

Finally, consider her two separate communications; the first to her daughter while the attack still raged and then with the Egyptian Prime Minister the next afternoon, in which she states, “We know that the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film.  It was a planned attack – not a protest.”

The official position of the Obama Administration continued to identify the video as being the culprit.  So, does the Egyptian Prime Minister’s faith in America falter when listening to Obama’s video claim but still remembering Clinton’s conflicting message?  This is just one result which validates why our American Presidency must be held to its highest standards.  Liars need not apply!

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