America’s Blacks are Rejecting the Democrat Party

“There are no white folks running Detroit” is a line from the video “Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership.” A number of Blacks are beginning to see how the Democrat Party has made their social, economic, and educational condition worse. The irony of it all is that the realization has come with the first black man serving as president.

E.W. Jackson writes:

“For more than 50 years, the black community has been the wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party. That may be changing. In spite of the overwhelmingly liberal voting patterns of black voters, they are an essentially conservative community. Americans of African descent are more pro-life and pro-family than the average white voter and as conservative on social issues as any white evangelical.”

Last week I was driving through an area that has a high black population. The political yard signs were for Democrat candidates. So what has the Democrat Party done for Blacks except to make them the footstool of the party?

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“The Democratic Party’s line is that black Americans need their ‘help’ to get by in a racist world. Here’s an alternate theory: Buying into the Democratic Party’s philosophy and accepting ‘help has been one of the biggest reasons that black Americans lag behind white Americans. Black males are 6 times as likely to be in prison as white males and black Americans make up 49% of the homicide victims in America. 71.6% of all black Americans are born out of wedlock and black Americans are almost twice as likely to drop out of high school as white Americans, both of which help explain why the black poverty rate is almost 2 1/2 times the white poverty rate.”

The Democrat Party has created a plantation system for its Black voters by making promises to “help” them. It’s a degrading form of paternalism where poverty is high, the black family is in shambles, men are emasculated, and unemployment keeps generations loyal to a party that does not want them to succeed.

Wealth transfer subsidies have led to the immobility of the poor, the breakup of the family, and dependence on government programs.
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