Americans Still Missing in Brussels as Obama Dances




New York siblings Sascha and Alexander Pinczowski are missing in the demolished Brussels airport.

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Sascha and Alexander are probably killed by moronic killers who know nothing about them yet feel they have the right to take their lives. Killings not for practicalities like money or revenge but for the sake of a barbaric religion whose cruelty is set out page by page in the Koran.


What should be the punishment to everyone associated with the killers? Shouldn’t it be worse than the punishment meted out to the Pinczowsk’s?


Obama vowed that he would hunt down the perpetrators, saying the attacks are “yet another reminder that the world must unite.”


Some consolation. Even Osama was hunted down by Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s intelligence not Obama’s. Obama closed his eyes to Assad crossing the red line.  He is worse than a weakling; he is a weakling who threatens and boasts.


And where are the Pinczowski’s?  They are part of Obama’s failure to have the courage for revenge.  They are probably dead.


And their deaths are the result of Obama’s failure to slow the Muslim’s strength.  His cowardice emboldens them.  He is even afraid to keep Gitmo open because he thinks it will make the Muslims braver.


What makes them braver is Obama’s cowardice.  Shame on him.  The bones as a result of his failures are mounting up into a pile of shame.

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