American Patriots Stop Busloads of Illegals from being released in Southern California

In an amazing turn of events, citizen patriots in southern California have stood together and completed the job that President Obama has refused to do – protect American towns from an overflow of illegal immigrants.

Several hundred illegal immigrant women and children were collected and processed at a facility in Texas and were in the process of being shipped to the California town of Murietta. But a wall of outraged protesters blocked their way and forced the bus drivers to turn around and drop them at a facility near the Mexican border and San Diego.

Via Liberty Unyielding:

illegal immigrationThe group of 140 illegals had been flown on Tuesday from Texas to San Diego.  Murrieta’s city authorities were notified about a week ago that they would be arriving, and that they would be released into the community under “limited supervision” to “await deportation.”  It was assumed by everyone in Murrieta that this meant the illegals would be left to “disappear” into the local area.

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Mayor Alan Long issued a statement on Monday expressing Murrieta’s opposition to the move, although he confirmed that city officials felt they could do nothing to stop it.

The group of about 150 protesters (video below) blocked the buses’ path as they arrived at the Murrieta Border Patrol station this afternoon, and although police ordered the protesters to move, the orders were refused.  Just before 3:00 PM local time (PDT), the buses were turned around and headed back south toward San Diego.  About fifteen minutes later, a Border Patrol union rep confirmed to local media that there would be no attempt to return the buses to Murrieta.  The illegal passengers were to be taken to a processing facility in San Diego.

The federal government continues to pit the right versus the left on the issue of illegal immigration and the results have been devastating. The people most being hurt in this fight are legal immigrants and people who want to immigrate here legally. Instead of painting this in terms of right and left, we should be discussing this as a matter of law enforcement. It is illegal to immigrate to America without the proper permission – that’s it. It has nothing to do with nativism, jingoism, racism or any other ism.

(By the way, we on the right who wish to see an end to the negative impacts of illegal immigration must do our best to remain cognizant of this fact – the left is trying to paint this argument in terms of racist conservatives versus merciful liberals… our conversation and our end of the debate must show them they are wrong. Don’t let them make you a caricature by speaking before you think.)

The real problem in the immigration debate is that the federal government, which is always looking for more power and more things to do, has abdicated one of its natural and most basic functions. Protecting our borders. (Is it simple irony that the Obama administration is always looking for new things for the government to get its hands into… but one of the things conservatives are begging them to do (and the Constitution demands they do) they won’t touch?

President Obama and his administration need to get back to basics and start protecting our borders so that citizens like these folks from Murietta, CA don’t have to.

It’s not our job – it’s the President’s.

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