American Jews Purposely Wearing Blinders?

American Jewry:  In the Dark

I recently attended an event where the featured speaker was the former ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren.  He is a tall, good looking, accomplished and articulate speaker, born in the United States with degrees from Columbia and Princeton.  The Jerusalem Post named him as one of the most ten influential Jews in the world.

The venue for this event was a beautiful home in Los Angeles, and the attendees were upscale Westside Jews you would expect to find at such a venue.  Oren spoke for about an hour focusing on the historical and cultural aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and then calmly asked the crowd “what do you do when you have two groups of people who claim ownership to that land?”  And to that end, Israel has generously given up land, only to receive in kind neither peace nor land.

When asked why there has been a dwindling of support for Israel within the Democratic Party, he said he was disappointed but had no ready answer.  He outright dismissed the notion that the Democratic Party as well as many institutions have been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, because, as he stated, “their numbers are not great enough for them to reach that level of influence.” He said that he meets with “mainstream Muslims”; thus, he knows it not to be the case.  My involvement in the Counter Jihad movement for the last five years has taught me that the only mainstream Muslim organization representing today’s Muslims in the United States is the Muslim Brotherhood and through its vast front groups, such as CAIR, it is employing taqiyya (deception) sanctioned by Quranic doctrine to an unsuspecting American public.

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IsraelContrary to Oren’s claim, we have the Muslim Brotherhood members Arif Alikha and Mohammad Elibiary entrenched in Homeland Security.  We have Muslim Brotherhood members, Salalm Al -Marayati and Dalia Moghammed, as top advisors to Obama.  Our training manuals for the FBI and local law enforcement have been shredded to omit any reference to “Islamic” terrorism.  We have Huma Abedin, whose immediate family is Muslim Brotherhood, as the top advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Nahid Awad, national director of CAIR, has an office on Capitol Hill and meets regularly with the Obama White House. Our school children’s textbooks present a whitewashed history of Islam because of the influence of the Islamic Textbook Council.  With all of these events, it is incredulous that a former Israeli ambassador to the United States is not aware that we have been infiltrated here at home.  Additionally, in a recent FBI National Domestic Threat Assessment there was no mention of the threat from Islamic terrorism despite the Fort Hood massacre in 2009 and last year’s Boston bombing.  As former FBI agent John Guandolo said, “since 9/11, FBI leadership as well as leaders from the Dept. of Homeland Security, the State Dept., CIA, Pentagon, and National Security Council relies on easily identifiable jihadists from the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas, Al Qaeda, and elsewhere to advise it on how to deal with ‘domestic terrorism’.”

The final shocker was when Oren was asked about the need for a reformation within Islam.  Instead of denouncing Islam for its supremacist system of governance that is the antithesis of Judeo/Christian principles and human rights, his response was to state the similarities between Islam and Judaism.  Yes, Mohammad stole certain principles and passages from the Old Testament such as monotheism, a day of rest, and the required daily prayers, but they are trivial in comparison to the vast differences between Judaism and Islam.  The main distinction is that Islam advocates submission and the murder of non-believers, while Judaism instructs man to wrestle with G-d and to choose life.

Clearly Oren views the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as a territorial conflict between two opposing parties vying for the same piece of land, instead of a religious war against Jews and Christians by Islamists unwilling to accept a Jewish entity within their midst.  By defining the conflict as territorial, the only solution can be land for peace, but that has proved to be futile precisely because for the Islamists, it was never a conflict over territory.  The refusal to entertain the religious component as the root of the conflict has cost Israel dearly in blood and treasure.  It has permitted the Islamists to control the false narrative of a displaced Palestinian population, and with it, the policies of appeasement.  Consequently Israel is losing the propaganda war while helping to ensure sympathy for the “poor Palestinians”.

Surely, an Israeli representative with degrees from Columbia and Princeton would recognize that Islam is a system of governance that is the antithesis of Judeo/Christian principles and values.  Surely, he would recognize that there is a war against Western civilization by Islamists, and that Israel is the first line of defense in that conflict.  Surely, he would state that the false narrative is just a pretext to rid Jews from their midst.  Surely, he would state that if it was about Statehood, they could have had a state in 1948 when the land was first partitioned by the U.N., or when Ehud Barak offered land for peace at Camp David in 2000.  By failing to recognize the conflict from a broader lens, he is perpetuating the Islamist myth every time he appears on CNN or any other media venue with a wide audience.  Instead of being told that there is a war against Christians and Jews by Islamists who derive their beliefs from Quranic doctrine “slay the unbelievers wherever you may find them” (Sura 9:5) or the over 100 violent verses used to justify murder, Americans are being told that the conflict is territorial.

Coincidentally, two days later I listened to the Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary state on public radio that those who commit Jihad in Islam’s name are perverting the teachings of Mohammad and Islam.  It is a patently false statement, but here you have a leading voice in the Jewish community misleading American Jews about the true nature of Islam.  Quranic doctrine is a fraction of the size of the Old and New Testament, but approximately 66% of it constitutes the doctrine of Jihad.

So when American Christians often ask me why do Jews continue to vote Democratic and liberal, here is your answer.  There is a lack of leadership, not only within American Jewry, but within Israel.  American Jews are largely in the dark about the nature of the conflict and the implications for American Jews here at home.  In an age of multiculturalism the truth is not politically correct; thus, with few exceptions, no one from the pulpit or mainstream Jewish organizations has had the courage to tell American Jews the truth.

The influx of more Muslims onto our shores will continue to have an adverse affect on North American Jewry.   As the verbal and physical assaults on American Jews by Muslims become more frequent here at home, the safe haven we enjoyed will cease to exist and life as we once knew it will be a memory.

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